Looking for digital gift ideas to give your virtual conference attendees, speakers, sponsors, and partners? Here are 19 creative and high-impact ideas you can use today.

COVID-19 has completely altered the live events landscape. Many top conferences have had to pivot to virtual events. Which raises an important question: what gifts should you give attendees, speakers, sponsors, and partners when you can’t give them the physical offerings you were planning to?

In this article, we list 19 digital gift ideas across 4 distinct categories that you can send to your conference tribe during and after the novel coronavirus pandemic. 

Nice Ways to Say Thank You

1. Personalized Thank You Card

Personalized Thank You Card - Digital Gifts for EventsSource: Forbes

They may be old school, but personal thank you cards never really go out of style. In fact, they’re so rarely sent these days, your recipients might actually appreciate them more than some of the other gift ideas on this list. To send a stellar personalized thank you card in digital format, you can use services such as Paperless Post and Smilebox

2. Personalized Video Shoutout

Personalized Video Shoutout - Digital Gifts for EventsSource: TechCrunch

Take your thank you to the next level with a video shoutout via Cameo. If you’re not familiar with the platform, Cameo will allow you to purchase personalized video messages from your favorite celebrities and send them to others. Imagine having Flavor Flav, Sean Astin, or Andrew Zimmern thank your tribe for attending/participating in your event! Pretty cool, right? The cost for each celebrity varies and some are rather expensive. But if you find the right personality within your budget, this is a truly one-of-a-kind digital gift idea.

3. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card - Digital Gifts for EventsSource: Amazon

Do you know who shops at Amazon? Just about everyone. Which makes this digital gift idea a rock-solid option for any and all conferences. It’s also super easy to use. As long as you have the emails of your attendees, speakers, and other recipients, you can send them Amazon cash that they can spend any way they like.

4. Restaurant Gift Card

Restaurant Gift Card - Digital Gifts for EventsSource: Twin Cities

Maybe a gift card to a restaurant fits your company’s brand better than one from Amazon. Just make sure that if you use this digital gift idea, you choose a restaurant that all of your recipients like. Bonus benefit: this gift will allow you to support the restaurant industry, which has had an especially difficult time dealing with the virus.

5. Food Delivery Voucher

Food Deliver Voucher - Digital Gifts for EventsSource: Uber Eats

Most people enjoy eating out. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to do that right now because of COVID-19 and events surrounding it. But many restaurants are still able to deliver food to hungry patrons via services like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Postmates. A food delivery voucher from one of these businesses is sure to please your recipients.

6. Tactile Marketing Solutions

Tactile Marketing Solutions - Digital Gifts for EventsSource: Diginomica

Looking for something a little more personal than a gift card? Try a tactile marketing solution from Sendoso, Thnks, or Alyce. These platforms each operate a bit differently, but all feature tools that allow event planners to give gifts to their conference attendees via cutting edge technology. These tools include automation, real-time notifications, measurement, and more. So, while Sendoso, Thnks, and Alyce aren’t gift ideas, per se, they are valuable and allow companies to easily provide amazing gifts to their audience.

Personal Development

7. Digital Bullet Journal

Digital Bullet Journal - Digital Gifts for EventsSource: Ellagant Studios

Do you bullet journal? Many people enjoy them because they seamlessly combine their normal day planner, diary, and written meditation notebook into one powerful tool that’s been proven to reduce stress and boost productivity. Send a digital version to each of your conference attendees and participants as a top-notch digital gift. Check out some stores on Etsy – there is an abundance of options to choose from! 

8. 16personalities Test

16personalities Test - Digital Gifts for EventsSource: UOC

The 16personalities test is a fantastic way to learn more about yourself and why you tend to react to different situations the way you do. This information can then be used for self development purposes. Why not give your conference attendees and participants the gift of self-realization?

9. Online Course

Source: Twitter

Online courses come in all shapes and sizes. If your conference serves a business-minded audience, you could gift them with a sales or marketing class from a popular marketplace like Udemy. Maybe your audience has other interests and a course from Masterclass is a better fit. Choose whatever professional course site speaks to the tone of your event and fits within your budget. 

10. In-Depth eBook

In-Depth eBook - Digital Gifts for EventsSource: Bizzabo

In the same vein as our previous digital gift idea, you can give your recipients an in-depth eBook that will educate them on a specific topic. For example, Bizzabo has created the WhyIn-Person? eBook that teaches readers why live events are so valuable and includes insights from industry leaders at IBM, Forbes, and Adobe. This gift idea is also a great event marketing strategy as it allows you to promote your brand after your conference concludes.

11. Private Virtual Lessons

Private Virtual Lessons - Digital Gifts for EventsSource: Your Space Music Lessons

Learning new things is fun and exciting. That’s why private virtual lessons are a great digital gift idea. You can purchase a month’s worth of music, art, language, computer skills… Any kind of lesson you can think of, really. And the best part is, these lessons will be hosted via the internet and personalized to each of your recipients, which will ensure they get the best training possible. Take Lessons is a great platform that will allow you to buy lessons in a variety of different fields.

12. Virtual Haircut Consultation

Source: YouTube

Have you looked in the mirror lately? You’re probably looking pretty shaggy. Don’t worry, we all are. Since we’re not able to go visit the local hairdresser, for the time being, most of our manes have started to grow out of control. Fortunately, there’s a way to fix this for your conference attendees, speakers, sponsors, and partners: virtual haircut consultations. Basically, a professional barber will jump on a video chat with them and walk them through the process of cutting their own hair. Why not purchase them a session from You Probably Need a Haircut?

13. Discounted Tickets to Next Year’s Conference

Discounted Tickets to Next Year's Conference - Digital Gifts for EventsSource: Marketing Land

One of the easiest, most straightforward ways to reward your attendees and event crew for their support is to give them a discounted ticket to next year’s gathering which will (hopefully!) be an in-person soiree. This digital gift is great because it’s beneficial to your audience and perceived as high value, but doesn’t create an additional expense for your company. Win!

Memberships and Subscriptions

14. Video Streaming Memberships

Video Streaming Memberships - Digital Gifts for EventsSource: Money

Video streaming services are having a heyday right now. When people are forced to stay indoors, Netflix and its many competitors become the logical choice for entertainment. In fact, video streaming is up 24% from this same time last year. Give your audience what they want and gift them a monthly subscription to a video streaming service. Here are a few options:

  • Netflix: As the unquestioned leader in this category, no video streaming list is complete without Netflix. The platform has a host of amazing movies and shows to binge.
  • Hulu: It’s not as popular as Netflix, but Hulu is still a great option. Also, because it’s not as widely used, there’s a better chance your audience doesn’t already have it.
  • Disney Plus: Your audience members aren’t the only ones quarantined right now; their kids are too. Gift them a subscription to Disney Plus and help them entertain their kids so that they can work from home more effectively during COVID-19.

There are plenty of other video streaming services as well. Choose the one that fits your audience best and gift them a month or two of free membership. They’ll appreciate it, guaranteed.

15. Virtual Gym Memberships

Virtual Gym Memberships - Digital Gifts for EventsSource: Forbes

Maybe Netflix and chill just doesn’t fit your event strategy or brand. So if your audience would prefer to get off the couch and move, a virtual gym membership is the way to go. Here are a few top options worth considering:

  • Fiit: The Fiit exercise platform is high-quality and super fun. Members also receive heart monitor chest straps, which help evaluate workout performance via the Fiit app.
  • Plankk Studio: Plankk Studio features thousands of both live and on-demand workouts. Members also have the ability to talk with instructors and ask questions as they go for a more personalized experience.
  • Tone It Up: The Tone It Up app is made by women, for women, which makes it a unique option for any audience that primarily consists of female-identifying people. 

Don’t forget about Yoga plus other forms of exercise too! All of these membership types fall under the virtual gym category.

16. Subscription Boxes

Subscription Boxes - Digital Gifts for EventsSource: Retail TouchPoints

Subscription boxes have exploded in popularity over the last few years. In general, new members fill out some kind of survey so that the service understands their wants and needs. Then the service sends a box of goodies to them every month based on their preferences. Here are a few subscription box memberships to choose from:

  • Cratejoy: Cratejoy has many different categories and allows members to really customize what they receive in their boxes. From health and wellness to foods and beverages, a Cratejoy membership should work for all event types and audiences.
  • Book of the Month: Does your audience love to read? Then you can’t go wrong with Book of the Month, a subscription service that does exactly what you think it would: send its members a new book to read every single month.
  • Birchbox: Birchbox aims to make beauty and grooming simple for women by sending them quality products, such as makeup, shampoos, conditioners, and face cleansers every month. Give the ladies in your audience some well-deserved “me time.”

17. Audio Subscriptions

Audio Subscriptions - Digital Gifts for EventsSource: Nieman Lab

The final digital gift idea we have in this category is an audio subscription. This includes Amazon’s Audible, Spotify and Apple Music, and Luminary, a podcast app that gives listeners access to premium content for a small monthly fee. Analyze your audience and consider giving the gift of audio as a thank you for participating in your event.

Giving Back

18. Named Donation

Named Donation - Digital Gifts for EventsSource: Charity:Water

Digital gift-giving, like many aspects of corporate event management, can be difficult to get right. Fortunately, you can never go wrong by donating to charities and important causes in your audiences’ name. For example, you could give funds to Charity:Water to help provide clean drinking water to people in developing nations. Or World Vision, which ensures children around the world have the sustenance they need to live full lives. These digital gift ideas put your company’s money to amazing use and also allows your audience to feel like they’re doing good in the world.

19. Micro-lending Gift Card

Microlending Gift Card - Digital Gifts for EventsSource: Kiva

If you’re looking for another way to donate money on behalf of your attendees, speakers, sponsors, and partners, try giving them a micro-lending gift card from Kiva. Here’s how it works:

  1. Borrowers apply for loans on the Kiva network.
  2. Each loan request goes through an underwriting and approval process.
  3. The loan is posted on the Kiva platform for lenders to support.
  4. Borrowers repay the loans.

Kiva awards loans to people who are either financially excluded or actively working to better their communities. Loans are available in 80 different countries and can be granted to folks in a wide variety of different industries.

Main Takeaways: Digital Gift Giving

There are plenty of options when it comes to digital gift-giving, as we’ve just seen. From food delivery vouchers to subscription boxes, we hope you now have a few ideas you can use to wow your conference attendees, speakers, sponsors, and partners in the age of COVID-19.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you choose the perfect digital gifts for your tribe:

  • Be Creative: Gift-giving in 2020 will obviously look completely different than in years past. You need to get creative and think outside the box to make sure your gifts hit the mark. Look carefully through the ideas above and choose the one(s) that fit your company’s event branding and recipient preferences best.
  • Go Beyond B2B Event Marketing: You’ll notice that only a few of the ideas above are business-related. That’s okay. Remember where your attendees, speakers, etc. are right now: stuck at home in quarantine. Which means they need things to do. Your gifts will be wildly appreciated if they provide entertainment.
  • Make it Heartfelt: Gift-giving should always be heartfelt so take your time when selecting on. This will show that you truly value the folks who made your virtual event ideas a reality. 

The right digital gifts can boost event ROI by fostering goodwill between your company and its target audience. They can also increase the likelihood of virtual attendees purchasing tickets for future, in-person conferences.

You know what else boosts event ROI? Event software. Whether you plan to host a virtual get-together, activate some hybrid event ideas, or get ready for future in-person gatherings, event software will ensure you have every detail worked out and that your events go off without a hitch.

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