A gradual reopening in the US has allowed some in-person events to resume, as long as they’re designed with COVID-19 precautions in mind. Warm weather will make hosting events this summer even easier since fresh air and open spaces allow for larger groups to safely gather.

If you want your event to stand out this summer, you’ll want to get creative to attract more attendees. Independence Day offers plenty of inspiration for events, so check out our 4th of July party ideas to discover unique ways to host events and celebrations this summer.

Family-friendly summer events

After a year of lockdown and social distancing, families might be struggling to keep their kids entertained. Some kids spent most, if not all, of their school year learning virtually too, so they’re ready to get out and have some fun this summer. Fortunately, a 4th of July celebration can easily be made into a family-friendly event.

Make your event stand out against all the Independence Day parades and barbecues with creative event ideas for families. Host a picnic in the park gathering where families bring their own food and gear. All you need is a large park where families can socially distance themselves for this easy-to-plan event. Consider finding a local band or musicians who can play some patriotic tunes while guests picnic.

drive-in movie event also allows event-goers to get outside this summer without getting too close to one another. Showcase classic American films for all ages to keep the event themed around the 4th of July. Consider offering a double feature, including an early film for kids and a later one for teens and adults. That way, you can please families of all ages.

Every US city has its own local history to share, so use your area’s unique story as inspiration for an event around Independence Day. Offer a walking tour of historical sites in your area or let historical re-enactors tell the tale of your town’s founding. Host an outdoor art fair featuring present-day and historical works from local artists. Get the kids involved by hosting a patriotic art contest or crafting event.

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Active events for the 4th of July

Races are always a popular summer activity, so consider hosting active events around the 4th of July. Explore different options, from a 5k or half-marathon to boating, biking, or even hiking events. Try to choose one that doesn’t have much competition in your area but that will still draw attendees. You can even host a hybrid event, allowing interested participants to race together or on their own time, and wrap up with an online awards ceremony. Consider COVID-19 restrictions in your area when choosing which type of event to host.

During your planning, consider partnering with a local nonprofit and donating a portion of your proceeds to a charity in need. After a difficult year, many nonprofits need additional support.

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Food and drink summer events

Food and drink always bring people together. In your search for Independence Day program ideas, consider food and drink events centered around an all-American theme. Host a burger grill-off, charging a small entry fee for every grillmaster to have their burger taste-tested by a panel of judges. Bring together local breweries to host a craft beer tasting.

Sell tickets for multiple entry times to control the crowd. Then, you can let each brewery set up a table and distribute tasting tickets so event-goers can sample different American craft beers. Or, find local food trucks and host a food truck rodeo, where guests can check out different menus and dine outdoors.

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Live music and fireworks

Live music and fireworks are popular 4th of July events, and these events can be adapted to follow any COVID-19 restrictions in place. If your area allows for socially distanced events, find an outdoor venue like an amphitheater or stadium where you can host a live music performance. Put on a fireworks show at the conclusion of the event to stick to the Independence Day theme.

If your venue has capacity restrictions, consider streaming the event as well so that you can reach a wider audience. A hybrid event also allows people who may not yet be comfortable attending in-person events to enjoy some 4th of July fun from home this summer.

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