For event creators, increasing awareness and interest in your events is crucial to boosting your attendance and your revenue. Knowing how to promote your event and sorting through websites to promote events can be challenging. And although, theoretically, the internet puts everyone in the world within reach, what you really need is an event site that connects you to your audience.

Fortunately, Eventbrite lets you integrate your event with the best event listing sites to make it easier for you to reach new audiences easily and seamlessly. These platforms are geared toward people either in your social circle or seeking out information about events to attend, so you’re able to target exactly who you want to reach. And Eventbrite Boost lets you promote your events easily across different platforms, so you can expand your reach even further.

Let’s check out how the platforms work and how they offer online event promotion ideas.

Event promotion website #1: Facebook Events

Facebook is where people find out what’s going on with friends and what’s happening in the local communities. So when you want maximum impact, you should definitely keep Facebook Events at the top of your list of event promotion websites.

Facebook Events are especially powerful because of the social platform’s robust targeting capabilities. Facebook algorithms get your events in front of the right audiences in terms of things like geolocation, demographics, interests, and behavior. And once a user expresses interest in your event, that interest is relayed to their friends in their feeds. Your reach is exponentially magnified.

To become a Facebook Official Event that can sell tickets directly on the platform, publish your event site to Facebook through your Eventbrite dashboard. (Here’s how.)

And to make things even easier, Facebook Events integrates with Eventbrite Boost to solve your marketing issues. Boost gives you tools like the audience builder to find new ticket buyers similar to your past attendees. You can use Boost’s budget optimizer to reallocate your spending and maximize your results or take a look at the many ways Boost helps you build your brand and get your events noticed.

Event promotion website #2: Evvnt

Evvnt is an integrated marketing and ticketing platform that gets your event’s information in front of an event-going audience. It works by aligning each event by category and location with its database of more than 4,600 publishers with customers in more than 139 countries, so it can be especially effective at increasing your event’s exposure.

When integrated with Eventbrite’s ticketing technology, Evvnt makes it easy to market and sell tickets to your event, at no charge to you. Your Eventbrite events can now reach 10 sites with a single click, and up to another 120 more within the extension.  Now that is how to promote your event!

Event promotion website #3: Spotify

Of course, everyone knows Spotify as the place to go to listen to music. It’s estimated that 42% of music fans discover new artists through streaming services like Spotify — and then 50% of those fans go on to purchase tickets to see these artists live. Spotify boasts 140 million listeners around the world, so it can be particularly effective for promoting your music events.

When you integrate Spotify with your event’s Eventbrite page, it’s easy for fans of your artist to find your event. Spotify’s “Concerts” section appears on the “Artist Info” page, displaying qualified upcoming events for that artist. With only two quick taps, live music fans are redirected to your event listing via an in-app browser. Concert tickets can be en route to your listener’s inbox within minutes and all within the app.

Event promotion website #4: YouTube

It’s easier than ever to find the music you love online, which means it should be easier than ever to find the music you love in concert. Potential gig-goers are consuming more than a billion hours of content every day, and too often they have no idea if or when the artist they’re watching will be in their town. With one added feature, you can solve their problem and increase event awareness and your ticket sales.

Integrate your event’s Eventbrite page with YouTube and now an “On Tour” drop-down shelf appears directly under the YouTube video. Expand the display to show qualified upcoming events for that artist. With just a few clicks, music fans are redirected to your event listing via an in-app browser.

Event promotion website #5: Bandsintown

Bandsintown reports being the largest concert discovery app in the world. With more than 60 million concertgoers using the service and featuring more than 2.5 million music event dates listed, they may have a point.

With Bandsintown Promoter, you can create custom email campaigns to target that audience by music preference and the specific artists and bands they follow. You can then hyper-target the right fans based on geolocation. Bandsintown Promoter can help you sell more tickets and drive attendance to your show, festivals, and concerts.

Event promotion website #6: Google Events

Google is another great way to increase your event’s reach. The massive company doesn’t actually have its own events site, but when you list your event on Eventbrite, the event will come up in the results when anyone searches for something related. This can, of course, boost your event’s exposure, which can only lead to increased interest and revenue.

Event promotion website #7: Local sites

Finally, don’t forget to stay local. Live events are generally attended by local audiences, so it’s always smart to promote locally. Many cities have local event sites that people use, so it’s worth looking into key sites in your community.

These days, the internet is crowded with all kinds of information, and it’s changing all the time. Keeping track of the best websites to promote events and knowing how to promote your event are important parts of the events business, and with Eventbrite, it’s easier than ever. Boost your events with these top event promotion websites and see the results pour in.

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