virtual thanksgiving ideas

2020 has been tough on all of us. Lockdowns, quarantines, masks, not being able to see our loved ones…it takes a toll. But human beings are nothing if not resilient! And while none of us wanted to go through the Holidays without gathering around a turkey with our families, we’ll have to make do. Much like everything else this year has thrown at us, this situation is far from ideal. However, we can always try to come up with some innovative thoughts to make Thanksgiving work.

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So we’ve been talking a lot about virtual events here at Endless. But today, we wanted to share something slightly different. Because Turkey Day is almost upon us and many people will miss the gathering aspect of it, we began thinking. What are some virtual Thanksgiving ideas that we can share with our readers? How can we take everything we learned from virtual events and apply it to the Holidays? Well, here are some of the best suggestions our team came up with. It won’t be the same, but it doesn’t have to be completely terrible either. So keep on reading and happy Turkey Day to each and every one of you!

Cook The Same Meal Together (Virtually)

Zoom and other platforms of the sort are something we’ve become all too familiar with. After all, with several on-going lockdowns and semi-quarantines, it’s the second-best thing to connecting with friends and family. Well, Turkey Day will be no exception. One of the first virtual Thanksgiving ideas we want to share is quite simple. And it’s all about food!

Because we all know delicious dishes are a big part of Thanksgiving, right? Just because you can’t enjoy some of these delicacies with your family physically, that doesn’t mean it’s all over. So, why not choose a recipe – a pie, turkey, filling – and share it with everyone? Then you can turn on your cameras and chat and laugh alongside each other as you mix, layer, and decorate some beautiful food. And later eat it as well!

Play Some Online Board Games

Board games are a staple of any get-together. So it comes as no surprise that everyone and their dog jumped at the chance to make them happen in a virtual setting when the pandemic hit. Thanksgiving might not be 100% in-person this year, but the fun is still very much alive. And old-school fun, at that!

From classics such as chess and checkers to Risk and Monopoly (tread lightly with these), you have access to every board game under the sun online. You can find comprehensive lists of dozens of options here, here, and here.

Stream A Movie or Football Game For Everyone

Next in our list of virtual Thanksgiving ideas is one that keeps the spirit of togetherness alive but through digital means. Along with games and virtual happy hours, several people dabbed in streaming some kind of entertainment they could enjoy with friends and family. That’s right, movie nights and game days don’t have to be canceled!

And they’re something you can add to the list of Thanksgiving entertainment. Is it a tradition for you to watch Home Alone or Harry Potter every year with your cousins? Or perhaps enjoy your favorite team playing so you can discuss the game with your parents? Well, go ahead and stream it simultaneously for everyone watching from their homes

virtual thanksgiving ideas

Setup Video Games You Can All Play

Maybe movies and football games aren’t really your family’s thing. No, maybe you’re more into video games – because, let’s face it, who isn’t? They’re fun and there’s quite literally something for everyone.

And just like many other things we’ve already mentioned, it’s possible to play them with someone else who isn’t present in the same room as you. So keep the competition alive and enjoy the sweet, sweet victory that is smashing your little cousins in Mario Kart – we know that’s a tradition for at least one person reading this!

Virtual Escape Room!

What’s Turkey Day without some family disagreements? While some of us are certainly glad we don’t have to deal with uncomfortable questions and inescapable political discussions this year, there’s certainly a part of us that wants to keep the tension alive…at least just a little bit. And in a fun way, too!

Escape rooms are a great way to do this since they promote teamwork and the rewarding experience of solving riddles as a unit. With just a tad bit of stress thrown in the mix, of course.

Use Big Screens

Can we all agree that laptop screens and tiny phones are getting old and annoying? It’s bad enough that you can’t hug your family and friends on Thanksgiving, but having to look at them on Zoom through your computer sours the experience a bit.

So get an HDMI cable and all the adaptors you need so you can plug the faces of your loved ones into the TV screen (in a cool technological way, not a creepy horror movie way). This is the day for high definition!

Everybody Dress Up!

There have been enough pajama days to last us for a lifetime. And no, we are not judging anyone who is currently still rocking the sweatpants and stained T-shirt look because we’ve all been there. Most of us are still there and being 100% unapologetic about it, so you do you!

But when it comes to Thanksgiving, it’s a good idea to put some extra effort into dressing up for the day. Attempting to give a virtual Turkey Day some sense of normalcy is hard enough as it is, so asking everyone to put on some nice frocks can go a long way. It doesn’t even have to be fancy – you can make it a theme party! Just try to go the extra mile here.

virtual thanksgiving ideas

Go For An Activity That Digs Deeper

Playing board games and watching movies is fun, yes. But we also believe that this is a good time for people to be honest and sincere, particularly with the ones they are closest to. This year has been a trying one. People have lost jobs, family, friends, and we’re collectively experiencing feelings of fear, anxiety, and heightened depression.

Leaning on those who are our support system has never been more important. So take some time to sit down with each other on Zoom and share how you are truly feeling, and how you can help each other through what you’re going through. Be there emotionally, even if you can’t do it physically.

Give Thanks.

On a similar note, let’s jump to the last of our virtual Thanksgiving ideas. At the end of the day, whether we are all congregating around the same table or cooking together on Zoom, the significance of this holiday remains the same. And for all the horrible things the pandemic has brought forward, it has also made us appreciate more than ever the things we do have. The ones we’ve started taking for granted.

So don’t forget to be thankful this year. Thankful for the people you have, your health, beautiful food, flowers…whatever it might be. May 2020 be a lesson for us all about what it truly means to be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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