And here goes one, here goes two, here goes…auctions at events! Yes, that’s right. In this week’s episode of #EventIcons we’re covering this exciting topic. Because event planners can actually learn a lot from expert auctioneers. And especially when it comes to charity events and fundraisers, auctions are experiences the whole industry can extract plenty of ideas from. So sit tight, we’re breaking down everything you should know about auctions at events.

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And to help us get the most out of the conversation, we have two amazing guests. Joining our fantastic hosts Will Curran and Alex Plaxen are Kelly Russel and Tony Rissley. Kelly is an expert auction strategist and certified benefit auctioneer. She has helped organizations raise over $100 Million in support of their great work. Additionally, Kelly leads her team of fundraising professionals to produce auctions that consistently exceed client goals. And Tony has been in the silent auction business for over a decade. He has created a system to help event organizers run successful silent auctions that boost their fundraising efforts. So, are you ready? Press play, it’s time to get iconic!

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And that’s a wrap on this week’s edition of #EventIcons! Are you excited to take your fundraisers and charity events to the next level? What’s the one tip on auctions at events you simply can’t wait to try? Let us know, and make sure to tune in next week for more iconic conversations about the events industry!

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