Whether you are hosting a small or large private party, corporate event or wedding, our beverage catering partners will bring a unique ambiance and professional bar service to your event. Custom craft cocktails and traditional bar offerings, at a competitive prices, to suit your event. With a wide variety of liquor, beer, and wine, glasses will be full and your guests jolly.

The best approach to hosting a private event with alcohol is to hire an Alcohol and Beverage Control (ABC) licensed caterer.  In fact, many venues do not have beverage caterers and require that licensed and insured caterers are hired. As such, our beverage catering partners will have proper city permits to host events and provide liquor liability insurance to cover your needs.


Hosted Bar

A hosted bar is also known as an “open bar”. Drinks are free to your guests for the entirety of the event and you pay on a per-person basis. There are several types fo open bar options such as: 1. Beer and Wine bar, 2. Call bar (think moderately priced liquor brands such as Tito’s Vodka), 3 premium bar (think higher end liquor brands such as Grey Goose vodka).

No-Host Bar

A no-host (aka consumption bar) bar is when your guest purchase their own drinks. This is also known as a ‘cash bar’. This is the best option if guests are not a hard drinking crowd. For example, if the guests drink one drink on average, it would not make sense to pay for an open bar at $30-$60 per person when only one drink is consumed on average.

Limited Host Bar

A limited host bar is a combo of the two above. The host purchases a predetermined amount of drink tickets to hand out to guests or offer a hosted bar (open bar) for a limited time period. After that period or after the drink tickets have been used, the bar becomes a no-host bar (cash bar). Tickets can be given out as guests arrive and check in, this option requires some additional coordination to get the tickets to guests.