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Live from Connect Marketplace 2019, it’s #EventIcons! You already know that we love nothing more but keep you up to date will all the hottest trends in the industry. And what better way to do it than take you with us to one of the most interesting events in the country? So this week’s episode is coming to you all the way from the one place where some of the brightest and most exciting people from several industries congregate – Connect Marketplace!

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And much like previous episodes of #EventIcons brought to you live from an event, today’s edition features a handful of iconic people. So join our always cheerful and amazing hosts, Lindsay Martin-Bilbrey and Alex Plaxen for a spectacular episode! Take notes as they sit down with iconic individuals from all walks of life, and talk about everything from tattoos to mindfulness and the essence of the event industry itself. Press play, it’s time to get iconic at Connect Marketplace!


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Below, in our Epic Resources section, we link the awesome insider favorites that were mentioned in this episode! You WANT to check these out! What has been your favorite episode so far? Comment below and let us know!

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Check out the epic resources from 2019’s Connect Marketplace:

And that’s all for this week’s edition of #EventIcons, live from Connect Marketplace! It was absolutely packed with wonderful people and some iconic conversations. Hopefully, you’re feeling your mind expanding even more. Don’t forget to join us next weeks for another phenomenal episode of your favorite podcast in the whole industry!

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