Consider this your tool box for staying sane, productive and occupied during the sudden switch to remote work under the coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine. From Smart U Masterclasses to virtual book club, home exercises and the best tools for online meetings, we’ve got you covered.

advanced meetings careerHow to Binge Your Way to an Advanced Meetings Career

Experts warn that agendas will not just pick back up where they left off following the coronavirus pandemic. After weeks spent on Zoom calls and virtual happy hours, attendees will expect more tech-driven options and companies will look for risk management that takes into account serious disruptions. Planners who sharpen their skills to meet those new expectations will be the ones to excel.

virtual meetings mistakes5 Mistakes to Avert in Virtual Meetings

The coronavirus pandemic has suddenly thrust online meetings into the spotlight as some companies and organizations venture into them for the first time while others rely on them much more than ever before. All of them are searching for ways to run the most productive meetings—and to avoid mistakes during a period when time is especially precious.

5 Resources for At Home Wellness Routineshome wellness

While many might not prefer to be working from home, remote work affords you the opportunity to integrate wellness into your day. You can play the music that helps you focus, or take movement breaks without looking strange for lunging down the office hallway. Here are some home exercises to stay grounded during trying times.

Virtual Support and Working From Home

In times of isolation and quarantine, it’s important to stay connected—both in terms of work and your loved ones. Here are some ways to connect with your colleagues and relatives.

cybersecurityTips for Staying Cybersecure in a Remote Workplace

Smart Meetings consulted Douglas Williams, president and CEO of Williams Data Management, for tips on the best practices to protect your company and attendees—including shielding virtual guests from emerging “Zoombombing” attacks.

book clubEventProfs Book Club Boosts Connection and Education, Virtually

Event professionals looking to advance their careers while sheltering in place due to coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns have a place to go to share ideas—and learn something along the way—thanks to the #EventProfs Book Club.

virtualBest Practices for Just in Time Virtual Meetings

As attendees started second-thinking travel and meeting plans due to fears about COVID-19, meeting professionals across the country scrambled to switch to a hybrid or virtual format for their gatherings. Smart Meetings polled leading event technology companies for tips on what to consider if you are virtual curious.

virtual tools6 Virtual Meeting Tools to Facilitate Working from Home

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing quite a disruption in the workplace as large businesses are temporarily closing their doors. While sending everyone home could be an inconvenience, it isn’t as much of a hurdle with these team-centric programs.

For more, head to our all-encompassing Coronavirus Resource Guide.

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