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4th Quarter, Reviews, and Reflection

It’s October, and as an October baby, I have reached my full form! I feel this sudden wave of energy going into Q4, setting new goals, and ending this insane year strong!

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This quarter has already started off with a bang. Our company has undergone quarterly reviews, set company rocks, and is predicting what 2021 will look like.

Going into the last three months of the year, I keep thinking back on the first nine. In that period, I was so fortunate to get a new position at Endless as the head of marketing. This new position has come with a lot of personal growth and development. I dove headfirst into books and articles that taught me how to be a better manager and have learned a lot about myself and my team along the way.

But we’ve all been through the wringer it feels like. These last six months have been far from easy, and I think it’s important to acknowledge that. When it came time to give reviews, I thought about the things that I appreciated from each person on my team. While reaching goals and hitting metrics were crucial, the things I appreciated most were softer skills like positive attitudes and unwavering dedication to the company.

If nothing else, this last quarter helped me understand the things that are truly important within a company: the people and the culture. Going into Q4, I want to keep this idea at the forefront because I know that so many more challenges are up ahead. At this rate, the end of 2020 is going to be just as tumultuous as the beginning. But with the right people facing those issues with you, I truly believe anything can be overcome.

I hope you and your team are more unified than ever going into this Q4 as well! It’s going to be challenging, and the events industry is going to go through more periods of uncertainty. But all we can do is strengthen our communities, continue learning, and lead by putting people first.

And now, The Weekly Soundcheck!


? Stories from event professionals: having a human response to the pandemic (40-minute podcast)

Suddenly I’m everywhere nowadays? I was able to sit down with the fabulous owner of TBG Events, Tammy Dickerson, on this week’s episode of #EventIcons!

This episode was originally going to be about pivoting and then transformed into this beautiful conversation about taking a people-first approach when the pandemic hit. Tammy took the time to make sure her relationships with her team and her clients were solid before jumping into the virtual world. Listen/watch more of this episode here. 

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? Two sides: Hiring Company vs. Unemployed Event Prof. Let’s discuss. (40-minute podcast)

This pandemic has affected us all in such different ways. Recently, I’ve been really focusing on collecting people’s COVID-19 event-related stories on #EventIcons because it is so fascinating to see what event professionals are currently up to.

In this episode of Event Brew, the crew talks about two completely perspectives: the side of a hiring event production company and the side of an unemployed event professional. See what they have to say on this week’s episode.

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? Upcoming Events

✨ Thursday, October 8th  – 1 PM EST –  The next episode of the EventHack Hybrid Games is happening this week and is focusing on the topic of Event Design and Flow!

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✨ Tuesday, October 20th – 11 AM MST – Will is having a fireside chat hosted on The Vendry where he’s talking about 2021 Event Trends Forecast: What To Watch For


✅ Endless Events Team Spotlight!

Meet John Pistotti!  John is one of our fabulous Experience Architects (Account Executives).

John Pistotti

Fun Fact about John: Twitter once turned one of his tweets into a billboard in NYC. ⤵️



? Event Social Media

Endless Events is now a part of The Vendry community!


This site is basically your social media for event professionals! Already, I’ve attended one webinar that was so informative and event-industry specific.

Will has a fireside chat coming up later this month for members only! So make sure to join the community, become a member, and say hello!


? One Last Thing For Ya!

Like we mentioned in this week’s episode of Event Brew, Endless is hiring people to join our team! Check out our job board to see what positions are open!

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Have a spooky week!

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