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Webinar fatigue is real and it’s here!

So they told me about webinar fatigue. I somewhat believed them, but mostly laughed them off. Silly people. I practically LIVE on my laptop. Plus, what else am I going to be doing? I might as well take this time to work on my professional development, learn as much as I can, and attend every single webinar/happy hour I get invited to!

Cut to two weeks later and I can’t look at my screen for longer than 20 minutes without looking like this:


You start to learn quickly who the good presenters are, what you really want to learn about, and how to protect your time. Some webinars are just plain awful. There. I said it.

Now you may be asking, “Sarah, what are you saying? Endless helps PRODUCE virtual events that are chock-full of these webinars! And your company is hosting webinars left and right. How can you openly speak out against them??”

And to you I say:

1. Very nice use of the word “chock-full”

2. You should see what Will has to say! ⤵️


Socio’s EventHack 2020 was the epitome “doing it better.” Although it included informative content like a typical webinar, the main event was a competition between multiple event influencers to see which team could produce the best virtual event.He agrees! We all agree! We aren’t saying “down with webinars forever!” We just want to see it done better.

Rather than passively watching someone read off of slides like I was back in a college lecture hall, I was fully engrossed in what was happening and dying to see who the winner was like I was watching an episode of The Great British Baking Show.

That’s the content I think everyone is craving. To get your audience that invested is no easy task, but it makes for an incredible webinar.

My advice is to live by the four Rs:

4 Rs

No not those. Well those, but also these four Rs that I just came up with:

1. Redesign your content

2. Respect your audience’s time

3. Reject boring presentations

4. Rescue us from webinar fatigue


More exciting content is going to look different for everyone, but get creative. Let’s improve the way we meet and learn!

And now: The Weekly Soundcheck!


? How much should you charge attendees for your virtual event? (12-minute read)

Should you charge the same for a virtual event as you would for an in-person event? Should you just make it free, since it’s the first time you’re planning an event like this? What are other sources of revenue you can add? These are only some of the questions that might be popping into your mind when considering virtual event pricing. We have some answers!

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? No more parties in L.A. (13-minute read)

Two weeks ago, news broke that there will probably be no events until 2021. The mayor of Los Angeles confirmed it, and New York and New Orleans were quick to follow suit. Even though some saw it coming, it’s still devastating on top of all the disruption that has already been caused in the industry. However, we must analyze exactly what the possibility of no events until 2021 means.

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✨ April 28th (Tomorrow) – Will is giving a global presentation about Digital Events: Hybrid and Virtual that will be translated in both English and Portuguese!

✨ May 19th – 10 am PST – Will is hosting a webinar with Brad Langley and Steph Pfeilsticker about Mistakes To Avoid When Going Virtual

✨ May 28th – 9 am PST – Will is going to be on a panel with Dennis Campbell and Lynne Wellish to discuss Unprecedented Ideas/Solutions For Recovery From An Unprecedented Crisis


?Silly Scientific Findings

f the words: Travis Scott, Fortnite, and virtual concert only conjure up images of Gen-Z in your head… think again. This is our new reality. download (1)-2

Travis Scott threw a 10-min concert in Fortnite that drew in 12 million viewers. It honestly looks like an incredible production and as a concert lover, I’m not mad. This somewhat fills the void of missing out on all these musical events, and I am excited about what this means for the future.


? Last couple of things for ya!

Will was featured in an article from Medium that included Virtual Pro-Tips from the Event Pros. ⤵️

“Building awesome content, becoming a thought leader, and taking the long approach to help people up front, will help you build strong relationships with your audience.” – Will Curran

We continue to urge people to join one of the largest communities of event professionals, by joining the Event Profs Slack Group!

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