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A Virtual Graduation ?

ASU’s virtual graduation was last Monday and although it wasn’t the celebration they were anticipating, my friends sure made the most of it.


Pictured above are some of my closest friends from undergrad. Although they were a year below me, we all bonded during our collective college experience.

I know they were looking forward to the hoopla and excitement of a traditional graduation ceremony, but they didn’t let the virtual nature of the event stop them from celebrating their accomplishments. They spent the Monday afternoon holding a ceremony for themselves at home complete with playing Pomp and Circumstance on a speaker and walking across their living room to receive their empty diploma case.

No, having their names read by an automated voice and watching a pre-recorded speech from their dean was not their ideal graduation, but they sure made the most of it! My friends could have easily just lounged in their pajamas on Monday, sat on the couch, and trash-talked their university for not doing more. But they didn’t. They got dressed up, wore their gowns, and participated the best they could.

Here comes another virtual event life lesson so buckle up: virtual events are only as good as you make them.

We all know that virtual events are not a perfect substitute for in-person events, but no one ever said they were! Virtual event planners are out there bringing people together in an online setting, and attendees have to meet them halfway. You’ve gotta put on that metaphorical cap and gown.

If there is a yoga break, get out that yoga mat that’s been collecting dust in your closet and do some damn yoga! If there is a cocktail hour and you need certain ingredients, go gather them up so you can create your own fabulous drink! If there is a dance party, put on your favorite Spotify playlist and dance around a bit. It might sound absurd, but so is sitting on your couch and doing nothing.

Virtual events are here to stay for the foreseeable future. So why not immerse yourself in the experience? There are always going to be the naysayers, the party-poopers, and the haters. But I learned from my friends that life is a whole lot more fun when you decide to be optimistic, go all in, embrace the absurd, and not take yourself so seriously.

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Okay, I know what you’re thinking… there is nothing worse than meeting someone new and hearing the phrase, “hey you should check out my podcast.” From celebrities to average Joe’s, it seems like everyone has a podcast these days. However, if you have a unique, exciting, niche subject to talk about, podcasts are a great way to generate revenue and market your event/business.

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? Attendees deciding how much to pay for an event? How does that work? (19-minute podcast)

Imagine a world where your attendees pay what they want for the experience. A world where they decide how much the experience was worth after they attend. Sounds strange, right? But in reality, this model can be a game-changer! To explain everything a little bit better, we welcome Kahlil Ashanti of weshowup to tell you all about this seemingly unconventional event pricing model.

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?Silly Scientific Findings

Not very silly. Perhaps spectacular scientific findings? I meandered outside this weekend to find a beautiful Arizona sunset with bright pink clouds. Thought I would share!



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