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I’m Currently On A Plane ✈️

Please don’t be mad at me. I honestly feel very safe. The flight is about half empty and everyone is required to wear a face mask before entering.


It was a pretty quick and painless hour and a half to Reno/Tahoe. You might be asking why I am partaking in unnecessary air travel. Well, I was planning on attending a wedding that got postponed, so my sister and I decided to use this time to quarantine together for a bit.

I have to say, there is something so refreshing about switching up surroundings. I have been so productive this past week checking almost everything off my list (even with taking Monday off)!

Traveling is an important part of my life and I didn’t realize how much I missed it until hopping on a plane was off the table. And I know I’m not alone. Our community of event planners is a group of people that is constantly on the go.

A few weeks ago I read an article in Medium, and one of the statements about live events stuck with me:

“There is a special kind of magic that lives in creating shared moments in time, and putting those moments together for people has never grown old. The hours are crazy and travel is a must, but knowing that we are creating new experiences for those around us always makes it worth it.”

The article goes on to talk about how the events industry is affected like no other industry and brings up the point that “[w]e can’t offer curbside pickupWe don’t have the ability to just reopen a smaller event.”

It’s true, it doesn’t look like we will be hopping on flights to work on major in-person events anytime soon. But that is such a large part of event planners’ identities. Traveling, working odd hours, running around, and making things happen. All parts of the job that we’ve fallen in love with.

Getting on a plane made me realize that I am looking forward to our hybrid future. The idea of traveling right now might send shivers down your spine, but that’s why having both virtual and in-person options are a MUST!

The future of events is upon us. Let’s take advantage of it.

And now, The Weekly Soundcheck!

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Sponsorships have been the industry’s holy grail of revenue for years. They’re a safe way to ensure money is coming through the door, and planners have dedicated a fair chunk of their time to perfecting the art of negotiating good sponsorship deals. But what does that look like in the virtual event space? This article from our queen of content, Mariana Fernandes walks you through the process of creating virtual sponsorship deals and packages including real-world examples!

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? More on sponsorship – we’re here to help you secure your event money (14-minute read)

From Q&A sessions to giveaways to event apps, there are so many ways that you can incorporate sponsorship opportunities into your event. We are here to help you seamlessly weave sponsorship deals in and out of your event with these 15 creative virtual event sponsorship ideas.

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Stay informed, support each other, love one another, and stay safe ?


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The always amazing, queen of content, Kaitlin Colston was quoted in an amazing article by e180: What’s on the Minds of Event Professionals as They Navigate the “New Normal” in Events?


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