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✨Make sure that you’re up to date on this year’s Virtual Event Trends.


Fortnite is the new Madison Square Garden?

If you are an old school type person, the above title might scare the hell out of you. But, this is the world we now live in.

If you read my newsletters often, you’ve probably seen me talk about Fortnite before and how it’s becoming a virtual venue.

Well, this statement is becoming even more true as artists on tour might be adding Fortnite as a destination on their routes.

Epic is in the middle of hosting a three-week concert series with some pretty big names and some advanced production.


Virtual concert series like these might be a common trend that we see more often, especially as artists delay, postpone, and reschedule their tours. At least Fortnite is guaranteed not to shut down due to Coronavirus outbreaks. ?

And now, here’s The Weekly Soundcheck!


?‍♀️ Event mistakes happen to the best of us… (11-minute read)

Well, if this didn’t come at the most ironic time. Look, we are not saying that we are perfect. No event planner/production company is. But, we want you to learn with us. This list of 15 hybrid event mistakes to avoid might help you dodge an event catastrophe.

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? Tomorrowland shows us how it’s done (48-minute podcast)

The bros of the Brew discussed the incredible digital version of Tomorrowland that took place a couple of weeks ago. Over a million people attended this year’s virtual electronic music festival and were impressed by its ability to still wow its attendees on the online platform. Discover more of what made Tomorrowland 2020 so magical by listening to the full episode.

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✅ Endless Events Team Spotlight!

Meet Chantel Megaffin!

Chantel is an Operations Synergist here at Endless! What is that? It’s just our fun way of saying operations manager!

f200905 1-1 r x (1)

She is a part of Endless’ dog fanclub and has three little doggos of her own… OH and a hedgehog!

Image from iOS (2)-1

If you also love dogs, have a hedgehog, or just see Chantel managing an event, make sure you say hi! ?


✍️ This tool might change the game for virtual event engagement (35-minute podcast)

On this week’s Event Tech Podcast, we’re happy to welcome William Warren. He’s the founder and CEO of The Sketch Effect, an exciting technology that contributes to improving engagement at virtual events in novel ways. This live sketch software allows presenters to engage the audience through both audio and visual elements simultaneously. Learn more about how The Sketch Effect can be used at events!

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? Behind the Scenes

A lot of you have been asking about where the heck Whiteboard Wednesday is. Well, people, a new episode is coming this week! And you might see a familiar face in it. ?


Shout out to Haily for taking over filming this one for me!


Have a great week!

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