IMEX Frankfurt

Endless has been out and about lately – more precisely, around IMEX Frankfurt. This week, we’ve already brought you a very special edition of Event Tech Podcast. But there are so many cool new things to go over, one episode simply wouldn’t cut it! With that in mind, today we bring you an extra spicy edition of #EventIcons.

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Our hosts Will Curran, Brandt Krueger, Alex Plaxen and Lindsay Martin-Bilbrey put together an anthology series just for you. It’s the official Greatest Hits of IMEX Frankfurt! So, be ready for an exciting hour, featuring enough icons to leave you starstruck. This international exhibition allowed us to sit down with people from all walks of the event industry. There are nuggets of information and knowledge everywhere, so start taking notes. Jump onboard of this week’s #EventIcons, and learn from the experts that got together in the wonderful stage that is IMEX Frankfurt!


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Did you get the chance to attend IMEX Frankfurt this year? What are your thoughts on what’s new and what’s different in the event industry? What are you most excited about in the upcoming years? Let us know in the comment section below!

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