Flying first-class is like staying at a luxury hotel in the sky. Competing to be the best among the best, airlines are offering state-of-the-art amenities, comfort and privacy to provide passengers with the most incredible travel experiences possible. If you’re fortunate enough to get a first-class seat, or if you’re considering that upgrade, why not go for the gold? Here is an inside look at some of the best first-class suites (it doesn’t hurt to dream—right?).

Singapore Airlines


Singapore Airlines is known for being one of the best airlines in the world, and their new first-class A380 cabin is impressive. They are in a 1-1 layout and has six suites at the front of the upper deck crafted to provide luxury. Each suite comes with a separate full-flat bed with adjustable reclining, swivel leather chair, 32-inch HD monitor, personal wardrobe, specially designed carpet, 1,000 entertainment options and a wall with mood lighting.

Etihad Airways


Etihad was the first airline to have a single-aisle layout in their first-class section on the A380. Their cabins are called “apartments” and each of them comes with a large leather armchair, 6-foot-10 inch, fully flat bed, onboard chef, built-in shower and access to Etihad’s in-flight luxury lounge. The apartments also have doors for privacy and provide enough space for passengers to walk around.

Japan Airlines


Japan Airlines’ semi-enclosed first-class suite on its Boeing 777-300ER features a woodgrain interior and comes with fully flat beds with direct aisle access. The suites include a storage compartment, a laptop power brick, and a 23-inch personal entertainment screen. They also offer both Western and Japanese cuisines on their menu, along with Cristal champagne.



Lufthansa is Europe’s largest airline and their flights feature eight first-class seats. Lufthansa’s first-class experience begins at the airport, where passengers are met by a personal assistant. First-class seats come with adjustable back and footrest. When it is time to sleep, a flight attendant will transform the seat into a flat bed with a mattress topper and temperature-regulating duvet.



Emirates introduced a new first-class cabin on nine of their 777-300ER planes in early 2018. The 777-300ER is the first airline to introduce fully enclosed suites in first class with floor to ceiling sliding doors. The spacious suites offer a huge TV screen, comfortable beds and passenger-controlled lighting and temperature. Each suite also comes with a service window where customers can be served drinks.

Air France


Air France provides its first-class passengers with the best experience on its Boeing 777-300ER. Their cabins are in a 1-2-1 layout giving each passenger direct access to the aisle. Each suite feels like a luxury hotel room dressed in thick curtains. The suite features a seat that reclines into a bed, an ottoman that can be converted into an extra seat and a 24-inch HD touch screen.

Cathay Pacific Airways


Cathay Pacific’s first-first class cabin has been consistent for a decade now and features six seats in a 1-1-1 layout. While their seats aren’t entirely private, they are angled away from the aisle, offering passengers privacy and more space. The seats transform into fully flat-beds and the bedding comes with high-quality mattresses, duvets, pillows and cushions. The leather seats also offer manually controlled massages and comes with a 17-inch TV screen.

Qatar Airways


Qatar Airways is well known for its premium first class service. The cabins include ultra-wide seats that automatically recline into flat beds, central and aisle dividers for privacy, extendable tables that allow two people to dine together and 4000 entertainment options. Their menu includes scallops, filet mignon, and shrimp.


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