I believe in collaboration. Sharing your stories, successes and challenges with your peers is a great opportunity to grow. And with that in mind, I’ve launched a new private Facebook group for independent #eventprofs that I’d love for you to join! 

This group is designed as a collaboration space for independent event planners – a safe space to swap ideas, solve problems and communicate with people who get the ups and downs of running a business doing something we love! The rules are simple: – Share value – Keep things confidential – Comment constructively – Collaborate. Anything else shall be moderated out ?

Who’s an “independent planner”?
I categorize this as anyone who plans events for a living and/or frequently. You also run a business and have to worry about things like sales, marketing, business development etc. You can work alone, with a team, or with a wide group of freelancers. Or – you might be a freelancer yourself! If you’re ultimately responsible for making a living and planning events, this is the community for you!!

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