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Today we’re tackling luxury experiences and events all the way from…a luxury location! This week’s #EventIcons looks even better than usual, coming directly from The Resort at Pelican Hill. This wonderful place is the epitome of the word lavish. Surrounded by the most beautiful views, imposing villas, and quite a bit to teach when it comes to luxury experiences and events.

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Our lovely host, Tahira Endean, welcomes two very special guests on today’s opulent edition of #EventIcons. Jean Schulte Director of Incentive Sales, and Robert Marusi Director of Sales and Marketing. Together, the three will give us an overview of how things work at The Resort at Pelican Hill, and discuss their take on luxury and hospitality. Additionally, you’ll get to hear all they have to say about luxury experiences and events, how they fit together, and how this might help you. Without further delay, here’s this week’s #EventIcons!


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