A study by CWT, B2B4E travel management platform, uncovered the secret behind the creativity and productivity of many businesspeople: travel.

The research revealed that six in 10 travelers feel more productive when traveling for business, millennials the most likely among them. Of the millennials surveyed, those in the Americas were most likely to say they feel more creative and productive (77 percent, equally), followed closely by those in Asia Pacific (75 percent more creative and 73 percent productive) and Europe (58 percent and 57 percent, respectively). Earlier research revealed that most millennials even view business travel as a perk.

Generally, travelers from Asia Pacific are more likely to see an increase in creativity (65 percent) and productivity (64 percent), tailed by the Americas (58 percent and 60 percent) and Europeans (53 percent and 51 percent).

Further research showed that six in 10 travelers are most productive when working face-to-face with colleagues, as compared to working alone (30 percent) or remotely (14 percent). Asia Pacific travelers say they benefit the most from travel (61 percent), versus travelers from the Americas and Europe, both at 53 percent.

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