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Today on a more serious note, we’re talking about physical safety and security at events. This is one of the most important topics to cover, and especially nowadays. There’s always so much to think about when you’re playing an event, right? It’s a rollercoaster, it seems like everything might go wrong, and there’s not enough room space in your brain to worry about every single detail. But there’s one thing that event planners must always keep in mind! And that’s exactly the safety of their attendees.

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You might be wondering just exactly what this means. What does security at events entail? Sounds like a broad enough topic, and also a very costly thing. But if you know what to expect, and what the best practices are, you’re good. From that point on, you’re ready to put together an event that won’t just be successful, it’ll be safe and secure!

So, to let you in on physical safety and security at events, let’s dive into this week’s #EventIcons. Joining our host Will Curran, we welcome very special guests Mark Breen and Alan Kleinfeld. Mark is the go-to expert when it comes to security in events, and Alan describes himself as a “meeting planner with a police badge”. Together, the three will reveal all the tips and tricks you need to know to make sure your events pass all the security requirements. Ready? Get your helmet, and press play!


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How do you go about physical safety and security at events? Is it something you put a lot of thought into, or not so much? What do you think are the most important vulnerabilities to pay attention to? Let us know in the comment section below!

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