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Hybrid, Hybrid, Hybrid

Two months ago? Everything was virtual, virtual, virtual. Now, virtual needs to step aside and make way for the new superstar of Covid-19: HYBRID.

It’s a buzzword that I hear a lot around work, due to the nature of working in the events industry. But, it’s a buzzword just about everywhere else in the world too. My sister is a teacher in northern Nevada, and there are so many education problems that revolve around hybrid solutions. Even though the issue feels a lot like this:


So we were both in positions to have an educated conversation on the topic.

We both considered the benefits as well as the difficulties of hybrid events/learning. My sister said that she thinks students will actually do really well only going into the classroom half the time. Similar to the benefits of a 4-day work week, she thinks that hybrid learning will encourage students to be more engaged in the fewer hours that they are sitting in class. Going to class will become a sort of treat.

She was also emphasizing the importance of the virtual aspect as well. Just because in-person seems more exciting to extroverted students who thrive in the classroom, doesn’t mean that some students won’t love virtual even more!

And in my head, I kept relating that back to my knowledge of the events world. Just because there are so many event planners and extroverted attendees that are itching to go back to in-person meetings, doesn’t mean that some attendees haven’t been absolutely in the virtual environment. We have heard feedback from many people that virtual events fit better with their schedules, allow them to access an event they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford, etc.

Maybe, when we were focusing on solely in-person events, we were missing the needs of an entire group of people. Maybe my sister was missing the needs of an entire group of learners who excel in online learning.

Hybrid really is the perfect blend of these two worlds. It’s not just a trend for events or education. It’s a long-term lifestyle change that will benefit everyone involved. There will be a learning curve associated with setting these hybrid experiences up, but this change will benefit so many people. I’m excited to see how it’s executed.

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? So you’re planning a hybrid event – make sure you read this first! (10-minute read)

Everything is shifting. Do you feel that? A sudden chill in the air? That is the feeling of everyone meeting in person again. Now, it doesn’t have to be that scary. Since most planners start working on their event months in advance, I think it’s smart that they are beginning to forecast out and think about the needs of their attendees in 6 months to a year from now.

But, before you dive head-first into planning a hybrid event, there are a few things you should think about. Mariana Fernandes discusses everything that you need to consider while planning a hybrid event including mindset, numbers, and more!

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? Did you know Endless can help produce your next hybrid event? (see what we do)

We have been doing in-person, virtual, and hybrid events for a while now. We are here for you if you need guidance while navigating the world of hybrid events. If you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, we’ve got you.


?‍? Hybrid events can lead to amazing networking opportunities (9-minute read)

Picture this: someone is attending your event online, and they are doing a great job meeting people in chat rooms and having lovely virtual conversations. Meanwhile, someone who is attending in person is feeling awkward and doesn’t have a way to engage in the same way.

⤴️This means you are under-utilizing your event technology to make BOTH audiences happy. Event networking can be tricky, especially when you have a virtual and an in-person audience. That’s why we wrote an article outlining exactly how to make sure both groups are making those networking connections!

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? Silly Scientific Findings!

A dark, funny Covid-19 Tweet:


And a positive funny Covid-19 Tweet to balance it all out:

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? Events That Crushed The Box!

I wanted to include a new segment this week where I highlight some events that crush the box. These can be events I attend, events my team attends, or even events that YOU attend, that you want to showcase in this newsletter. Just reply to any of these emails or contact me at to share an awesome event.

This week’s event that won over my heart was just a simple drive-in movie in my hometown. Nothing new, nothing fancy, but such a great way to get the community together in a safe way.



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