Ready to attend a fintech conference in 2019? These are the 30 biggest and best events happening in the financial technology industry this year.

The fintech industry has been around for more than 100 years. In 1918, the US Federal Reserve Banks developed the Fedwire Funds Service, a real-time, gross settlements system. A few decades later, credit cards were created and NASDAQ invented electronic trading another few decades after that.

These days, the fintech industry is growing and changing faster than it ever has before. Fortunately, there are plenty of top quality fintech and related SaaS events to educate attendees on the future of financial technology. Below we list the 30 biggest and best fintech events for 2019 along with reasons why you should attend each one.

30 Fintech Conferences

1. Future of Fintech

Future of Fintech - Fintech ConferencesSource: CB Insights

Date and Location: June 11 – 13 in New York City, New York

The Future of Fintech conference brings together over 1,400 people from 31 different countries to learn from executives at incredibly successful companies like Stripe, Affirm, Credit Karma, and more. Attendees to the 2019 event will learn about the “emerging business models, technologies, risks, and the changing face of financial services competition.”

Why You Should Attend: Beyond just the amazing information that attendees will glean at Future of Fintech, they’ll also have ample opportunity to network with their peers. The conference expects to facilitate more than 6,000 one-on-one meetings. Whether you’re looking for a new job, a startup co-founder, or just a new after-conference drinks buddy, you’ll find it at Future of Fintech.

2. FinTECHTalents

FinTECHTalents - Fintech ConferencesSource: FinTECHTalents

Date and Location: November 11 – 13 in London, England

FinTECHTalents is a unique conference that combines keynote speeches, live tech demos, workshops, live music, and craft beer. It’s the ultimate global festival for fintech professionals. Event goers have the chance to join 3,000 others to meet leading innovators, explore cutting edge technology, and enjoy amazing entertainment options.

Why You Should Attend: There’s a lot to learn at FinTECHTalents but knowledge isn’t the only draw. Attendees will also have the chance to pitch their ideas to top industry decision makers. Cut through the noise and display your expertise to over 200 financial institutions. Who knows? FinTECHTalents might be the big break you’ve been looking for.

3. Pushpay Summit

Source: Twitter

Date and Location: May 22 – 23 in Dallas, Texas

Pushpay Summit is an annual conference hosted by Pushpay, a fintech app specifically designed for churches. At Pushpay Summit, attendees learn how to take their ministries to the next level through keynote speeches and breakout sessions. While the 2019 event has already come and gone, we recommend keeping this conference on your radar for 2020.

Why You Should Attend: There aren’t many events specifically designed to empower churches in regard to finances. If you’re a ministry professional, you’ll appreciate the proven and actionable strategies you’ll learn, the people you’ll network with, and the inspiration you’ll feel after attending Pushpay Summit.

4. FinCon19

FinCon19 - Fintech ConferencesSource: FinCon

Date and Location: September 4 – 7 in Washington D.C.

In the event’s own words, FinCon19 is where “money nerds unite!” Do you geek out over finances? Do numbers get you giddy? Then you’ll want to join the 2,500 other folks just like you at FinCon19. You’ll have the chance to hear from 200+ speakers, view 100+ exhibits, and enjoy the company of other money nerds.

Why You Should Attend: FinCon19 specifically caters to content creators in the fintech industry. If that’s your job description then you’ll definitely want to attend and hear from well-known speakers like Ramit Sethi and Sharon Epperson. To learn how to better create, promote, and profit from your financial-based content, get your ticket to FinCon19 today.

5. AI in Finance Summit

AI in Finance Summit - Fintech ConferencesSource: RE-WORK

Date and Location: September 5 – 6 in New York City, New York

The AI in Finance event will discuss AI trends and practical applications as they apply to fintech companies. With keynote speeches from leaders at JP Morgan, Barclays, Square, and more, the content at this E-WORK conference (a well-known and respected name in the world of event promotion) is top notch.

Why You Should Attend: AI in Finance is perfect for data professionals, financial regulators and analysts, c-suite executives, company founders, and venture capitalists. Attendees will hear from 60 world-class speakers, attend group brainstorming sessions and interactive workshops, and network with their peers.

6. Paris Fintech Forum

Paris Fintech Forum - Fintech ConferencesSource: Paris Fintech Forum

Date and Location: January 29 – 30 in Paris, France

The Paris Fintech Forum is one of the bigger events on this list featuring 2,700 attendees from 75 different countries, internationally known speakers, and more than 140 exhibitors. The 2019 conference happened back in January but if you decide to go in 2020, you can expect to hear from the brightest minds in the fintech industry, attend thematic workshops, and network with other talented financial professionals.

Why You Should Attend: Folks attend the Paris Fintech Forum to learn cutting edge information and view the latest in financial technology. But the networking opportunities are excellent as well. Attendees have multiple opportunities and spaces to meet, brainstorm, and network together.

7. MoneyConf

MoneyConf - Fintech ConferencesSource: The Irish Times

Date and Location: November 4 – 7 in Lisbon, Portugal

MoneyConf is part of Web Summit, an annual event that Forbes calls “the best technology conference on the planet.” We understand why. The mega-gathering features 24 distinct conference tracks, one of which is MoneyConf. This event sits at the center of finance and technology and brings together the world’s leading banks, tech firms and fintech startups.

Why You Should Attend: Technology has changed the financial industry in radical ways. MoneyConf aims to keep attendees abreast of these changes through keynote speeches from top speakers, roundtable sessions, workshops, and more. Attendees also get access to all of Web Summit’s 23 other conference tracks, allowing them to pick and choose the exact content they want to consume during their event experience.

8. Empire Fintech Conference

Empire Fintech Conference - Fintech ConferencesSource: Zafin

Date and Location: April 3 in New York City, New York

The Empire Fintech Conference in 2019 has already happened. But those who attend the 2020 event are in for a treat. Event goers will hear from industry revolutionaries about cutting edge payment technologies, blockchain, robo-advisors, and more — everything the modern fintech professional needs to know.

Why You Should Attend: The Empire Fintech Conference provides valuable information to anyone in the financial technology industry, but it’s specifically designed for fintech startups. If you own or work for an early-stage fintech company, you’ll also appreciate these best blockchain events.

9. London Blockchain Week 2019

London Blockchain Week 2019 - Fintech ConferencesSource: Medium

Date and Location: February 8 – 14 in London, England

London Blockchain Week launched as a standalone conference in 2015. Over the years the event grew into a week long gathering and, in 2019, it welcomed over 3,000 professionals and technology enthusiasts to learn, network, and participate in an entertaining blockchain hackathon.

Why You Should Attend: Blockchain technology has turned the financial industry on its head. What better place to learn how your company can capitalize on this new opportunity and connect with fellow fintech professionals than at this mega-conference dedicated to the subject?

10. Stripe Sessions

Stripe Sessions - Fintech ConferencesSource: Stripe

Date and Location: On-Demand

Stripe is one of the biggest names in the fintech community. Their event series, aptly named Stripe Sessions, teaches folks about the payment industry. Stripe Sessions invites attendees to learn from leaders at Shopify and MINDBODY while also showing them the latest products that Stripe has to offer.

Why You Should Attend: While most other events on this list are in-person affairs, Stripe Sessions in hosted entirely online and can be watched whenever viewers please, for free. For those with a limited events budget in 2019 (or folks who simply want to consume quality content on their own terms) Stripe Sessions is the perfect conference.

11. Consensus 2019

Consensus 2019 - Fintech ConferencesSource: CoinDesk

Date and Location: May 13 – 15 in New York City, New York

Since 2015, Consensus by CoinDesk has been the conference for folks in the worlds of cryptocurrency and blockchain. The 2019 event has already taken place. But if you’re interested in these two areas of the fintech industry, then book your ticket for 2020 and plan to learn from Wall Street titans and Fortune 500 leaders, network with your peers, and participate in the annual hackathon.

Why You Should Attend: When it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain, you’d be hard pressed to find a better conference than Consensus. The event secures the top speakers in the industry and allows attendees to meet and network with important fintech professionals.

12. Finovate Europe

Finovate Europe - Fintech ConferencesSource: Finovate

Date and Location: February 11 – 13 in Berlin, Germany

Finovate Europe is a major player on the fintech events scene. In 2019, the conference welcomed over 1,200 people, 120 speakers, and 65 demo-ers to learn and speak about important topics such as investech, payments, open banking, and AI. Tickets are already on sale for the 2020 gathering. We suggest you grab one before September 27th and secure a discounted rate.

Why You Should Attend: Fintech Europe has completely eliminated the “fluff” from its conference. They aren’t interested in wasting your time. Instead, they curate the best content, and deliver it to you quickly. From bankers to venture capitalists, Finovate Europe has something valuable to offer every attendee.

13. Digital Banking 2019

Digital Banking 2019 - Fintech ConferencesSource: Facebook

Date and Location: June 25 – 26 in London, England

Digital Banking 2019 is all about (surprise!) digital banking. This MoneyLIVE event aims to push the boundaries of digital banking innovation by educating fintech companies on the ways AI, quantum computing, voice tech, chatbots, and more are affecting the fintech industry.

Why You Should Attend: The 2019 gathering will feature keynotes from executives at ING Bank, BBVA, Barclays, and more. Also, the conference offers four different learning tracks so you can customize your event experience to your own unique preferences.

14. Mobey Day Toronto

Mobey Day Toronto - Fintech ConferencesSource: Fintech Futures

Date and Location: June 11 – 12 in Toronto, Canada

Mobey Day Toronto is where attendees get “real with open banking: monetizing APIs and creating profitable business models.” Sound intriguing? Then join over 200 other fintech professionals to learn from leaders at Google, Mastercard, Citi, and more.

Why You Should Attend: Mobey Day Toronto will offer plenty of valuable information on topics like open banking, digital identity, and internet of things. But it will also provide attendees with over eight hours of dedicated networking time.

15. The U.S. Fintech Symposium

The U.S. Fintech Symposium - Fintech ConferencesSource: The U.S. Fintech Symposium

Date and Location: September 16 – 17 in Chicago, Illinois

The U.S Fintech Symposium in Chicago aims to answer practical questions that many professionals have. Questions like, “what realistic fintech solutions are on the market?” and “how will fintech change my career and/or business?” Want to know the answers? Attend the Symposium in September.

Why You Should Attend: The 2019 lineup of speakers includes professionals from Wells Fargo Bank, the Royal Bank of Canada, and more. They’ll cover important topics like open and mobile banking, blockchain, and AI in the fintech industry. But the Symposium offers more than just educational speeches. Attendees will also have time to network and make career-boosting connections.

Watch the Event Agenda Webinar now.

16. LendIt Fintech

LendIt Fintech - Fintech ConferencesSource: Lend Academy

Date and Location: April 8 – 9 in San Francisco, California

2019 marked the seventh consecutive year that LendIt USA has been held. This year’s conference featured speeches from the CEOs of FICO, Affirm, and Kabbage as well as many other fintech industry leaders. The major US event has passed but there will be two more LendIt Fintech conferences this year — the first in Europe this September, and the second in Miami in December.

Why You Should Attend: The learning opportunities at LendIt Fintech are virtually boundless, as are the networking possibilities. We also want to point out that this conference offers a special “Women in Fintech” program to inspire and connect women in the field.

17. FiNext USA

FiNext USA - Fintech ConferencesSource: PR Log

Date and Location: August 29 – 30 in Orlando, Florida

FiNext USA is a combination of conference and award ceremony that brings together the smartest and most innovative minds in financial technology. Speaker lineups in previous years have included the Vice President of Mastercard, the Director of Corporate Payments of Ripple, and the COO of Fundbox.

Why You Should Attend: FiNext is specifically geared towards fintech startups and features a pitch competition that allows new companies to showcase fresh ideas in front of investors. Attendees also have the chance to learn from the industry’s top minds and network with peers.

18. SHIFT by Zenefits


Source: Twitter

Date and Location: On-Demand

Like Stripe Sessions, which we mentioned earlier, SHIFT by Zenefits is an on-demand conference that’s available to anyone with an internet connection. The content was originally recorded live in 2018, but the information shared was so valuable, we wanted to include it on this list. Watch the recorded videos to learn about the new demands of payroll, as well as general topics like workplace well-being and better managing your fintech employees.

Why You Should Attend: First off, the content is completely free! And second, it’s high quality. Learn from knowledgeable speakers like Arianna Huffington from the comfort of your own living room.

19. Retail Finance Connect

Retail Finance Connect - Fintech ConferencesSource: Worldwide Business Research

Date and Location: June 17 – 19 in Miami, Florida

Retail Finance Connect puts a unique spin on fintech conferences. For one thing, it’s invite only. It’s also a very intimate gathering; only 60 spots are available. What makes this event worthy of our “biggest fintech conferences” list, though, is the quality of the information shared and the size of the participating companies. Senior retail executives from Amazon, Walmart, Dell, and more will be in attendance.

Why You Should Attend: If you can score an invite, Retail Finance Connect will give you the opportunity to make meaningful connections with top financial professionals and build career boosting relationships. Plus, the event is held in beautiful Miami, FL!

20. Mobile Payments Conference

Mobile Payments Conference - Fintech ConferencesSource: Mobile Payments Conference

Date and Location: August 26 – 28 in Chicago, Illinois

Mobile Payments Conference (MPC) predicts that 2019 will be a breakthrough year for mobile commerce. Is your company ready? It will be after this event. Learn from leaders at Google, Paypal, Mastercard, and more while viewing the latest in financial technology on the expo floor.

Why You Should Attend: MPC is perfect for folks who want to learn more about mobile banking, payment technology, security, and much more. Get ahead of the mobile commerce revolution and book your ticket to MPC now.

21. Money 20/20

Source: YouTube

Date and Location: October 27 – 30 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Money 20/20 is where the “Payments, Fintech and Financial Services ecosystem unites.” It’s a large gathering that brings together thousands of attendees to network and learn from hundreds of well-known speakers.

Why You Should Attend: Money 20/20 wants to provide the perfect event experience to their attendees. That’s why they ask for ideas from their audience. If there’s something specific you want to see at the next Money 20/20 conference, let them know! Beyond that, Money 20/20 also offers attendees the chance to hear from the leaders at companies like Amazon, Stripe, Plaid, and other leading fintech companies.

22. SoFi Experiences

SoFi Experiences - Fintech ConferencesSource: SoFi

Date and Location: Various

SoFi Experiences is a member exclusive event series that takes place in multiple cities around the country. Attendees have the chance to network with each other and receive financial advice on everything from wealth management to fintech solutions. The event series also offers high-profile speakers and career boosting workshops.

Why You Should Attend: At a SoFi Experience, the complete focus is on the attendees and helping them grow their careers. Event goers are never sold to. Instead, they’re given the chance to learn from and connect with other like minded professionals. If you’re already a SoFi member, seriously consider attending one of the company’s Experiences in your area.

23. The Montgomery Summit

The Montgomery Summit - Fintech ConferencesSource: The Montgomery Summit

Date and Location: March 6 – 7 in Santa Monica, California

The Montgomery Summit, a fintech event presented by Macquarie, has already happened in 2019. The conference was invitation only and aimed to bring entrepreneurs, investors, and leading executives together to learn, connect, and grow. If you’re able to secure an invite to the 2020 get-together, we recommend attending.

Why You Should Attend: The 2019 Summit featured 150 private company presentations, keynote speeches from the likes of NASDAQ, Paypal, and IBM executives, and plenty of networking opportunities. The entertainment was also top notch and included performances from Grammy award-winning musicians as well as good eats from some of Southern California’s most popular food trucks.

24. Fintech World Forum

Fintech World Forum - Fintech ConferencesSource: Into the Future

Date and Location: May 21 – 22 in London, England

The Fintech World Forum in 2019 was quite the event. It featured speakers and panelists from IBM, Barclays, Mastercard, and other leading companies in the world of financial technology. And keynote subjects addressed regulatory challenges, mobile banking, and app security among other topics.

Why You Should Attend: From top of the line information to ample networking opportunities, The Fintech World Forum offered a lot to attendees. Keep a close eye on this one and score your 2020 tickets before next year’s event sells out.

25. FinTech Junction

FinTech Junction - Fintech ConferencesSource: FinTech Junction

Date and Location: June 26 – 27 in Tel Aviv, Israel

FinTech Junction is an international conference whose goal is to build the future of financial services. It’s also the only event on our list that takes place in the Middle East. Attendees will leave the conference with pages of notes and plenty of new connections.

Why You Should Attend: If the thought of joining 1,500 other fintech enthusiasts as they learn from highly sought-after speakers from companies like J.P Morgan and Visa (on topics like open banking, blockchain, cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, and more) sounds like fun, then FinTech Junction is the perfect event for you.

26. Fin:Code USA


Source: Twitter

Date and Location: September 30 – October 1 in San Diego, California

The Fin:Code USA motto is “Defining the Dev in the Financial Industry.” Attendees of this conference will glean actionable knowledge regarding DevOps, cloud migration processes, regulatory constraints, and more as they pertain to fintech companies.

Why You Should Attend: So far, the slate of speakers for 2019 include folks from Quicken Loans, Klarna, and Visa. The conference also takes networking seriously and provides attendees with plenty of time to meet their peers. And finally, what could be better than a work trip to sunny San Diego?

27. Blockchain for Business Summit

Source: Twitter

Date and Location: June 12 – 13 in London, England

At the Blockchain for Business Summit, attendees will explore what blockchain technology can do for businesses and observe real-life examples that have (and will continue) to drive real-world value. This conference is part of the widely acclaimed TechXLR8, which brings together 15,000 folks and more than 300 presenters.

Why You Should Attend: The Blockchain for Business Summit is perfect for fintech professionals who want to learn more about blockchain technology and how it’s changing their industry. The 2019 event features speakers from ING, Bank of England, Morgan Stanley, and other top financial institutions.

28. Swell by Ripple

Swell by Ripple - Fintech ConferencesSource: CoinDesk

Date and Location: November 7 – 8 in Singapore

Swell is a fintech conference hosted by Ripple, a blockchain powered company that enables users to send money globally without the typical hassle. Swell will bring together the “leading experts on policy, payment, and technology for the most provocative dialogue in global payments today.” Featuring their brand on the itinerary helps give this event a user conference vibe as well so if you’ve ever been curious about how Swell can help your business grow, make sure you register soon.

Why You Should Attend: Swell has a history of attracting A+ speakers. The 2018 event featured a keynote speech from former president Bill Clinton. But be warned, those hoping to attend must receive an invite, which you can request on the Swell event website, although there is no guarantee you will get one.

29. Seamless Summit

Seamless Summit - Fintech ConferencesSource: Terrapinn

Date and Location: June 25 – 27 in Singapore

Seamless Summit will tackle the future of fintech, payments, banking, and other financial topics in Asia. It will feature more than 6,000 attendees, 350 speakers, and 150 exhibitors. The list of 2019 speakers includes folks from Capital One, HSBC, and Rabobank.

Why You Should Attend: Seamless Summit packs a serious punch for those who work in Asia or oversee a company’s Asian operations. Beyond the typical conference content, Seamless also offers hands-on workshops on topics like AI in banking, blockchain in business and finance, data and analytics in banking, and more.

30. Digital Banking

Digital Banking - Fintech ConferencesSource: American Banker

Date and Location: June 19 – 21 in Austin, Texas

And finally we have Digital Banking, the largest digital banking event in the industry and the ideal conference for fintech pros who want more information on mobile, digital, AI, payments, and blockchain technologies.

Why You Should Attend: Digital Banking will provide 1,700+ attendees with exceptional content, live demos, and stimulating conversation regarding banking in a digital world. Event goers will also get to experience a few other conference perks too, such as access to the premier of the highly anticipated documentary, “BlockChain City”.

Which Fintech Events Will You Attend in 2019?

There’s no shortage of tech events happening in 2019. Whether you want to learn more about open and mobile banking, AI in the financial industry, blockchain technology, or any other important fintech topic, one of the conferences listed above will teach you exactly what you need to know. And if you’re an event planner looking to host a fintech conference of your own, consider using tools like event software to bring your vision to life.

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