Figuring out how to promote a nonprofit event is tricky. Your events educate attendees about your cause. In doing so, your organization’s following grows and donations increase. Building a donor base for NPOs means cultivating an authentic voice and digital presence.

Having an event marketing plan doesn’t have to involve soulless ad copy. Whether you’re working with an email list or a complex Facebook ads strategy, you want to make sure your marketing doesn’t sound like marketing. The most successful nonprofits let their voice and presence shines through at events and in digital communications leading up to them. After all, selling tickets to your fundraisers is only one part of event marketing.

With Eventbrite Boost, developing an event promotion strategy for your nonprofit has never been easier. The only digital marketing platform built specifically for event creators, Boost makes it simple to send emails, sell tickets, run ads, and more – right from your Eventbrite account. It’s time to stop donating your time to too many tools. Here’s what Eventbrite Boost helps nonprofit event creators do: 

1. Find more followers on Instagram

Do you wish you could get more eyes on your organization’s profile? There’s a reason why businesses count Instagram followers as one of their key performance metrics. Developing a loyal following on Instagram helps you stay in touch with your attendees – and connect with new supporters.

With Eventbrite Boost’s Instagram Growth Playbook, you can find new followers on Instagram for just pennies per follower, even if your next event is months out. 

2. Sell tickets on Facebook with built-in checkout

Our Add to Facebook feature is a great way to crosslist your Eventbrite event on Facebook – and give your Facebook friends another place to buy tickets. With the embedded checkout function, your attendees can buy on whichever platform they prefer.Pro tip: If you’re just starting out, don’t overlook RSVPs. Getting people to RSVP to your events on Facebook is one of the fastest ways to achieve credibility.

3. Run automated ad campaigns on Facebook

We’re so excited, we’ll say it again: Facebook advertising doesn’t need to be scary! With Boost, you can build Facebook ads in a matter of minutes, right from Eventbrite. Boost’s smart campaigns let you customize everything from what video or image you use to what your copy says. You can even implement fancy advertising techniques like A/B testing different ads – our budget optimization algorithm will shift your ad spend to the one performing best.But wait, there’s more! With Boost’s automated ad campaigns, you can also easily target specific groups of people. From folks who follow you on Facebook to folks who look like the folks who follow you on Facebook, reaching the right audiences is a snap with Boost.

4. Learn more about your event’s lifecycle

Why shouldn’t marketing your nonprofit event include some bonus educational content? Embedded in the Boost platform, you’ll find a nifty graphic called the sales curve. The sales curve analyzes the performance of your past events – when people bought tickets, how many tickets they bought, etc. – to help you strategize your marketing.Example: If the majority of benefit-goers picked up their passes as soon as you started advertising them, your sales curve will prompt you to run ads at pre-sale for future events.

5. Personalize your event pages and your emails

A cohesive brand identity means paying attention to details. With Eventbrite Boost, it’s easy to create a unified concept for your emails and your event pages, ensuring your attendees will always recognize your content.

Running a successful nonprofit may be a serious endeavor, but that doesn’t mean your marketing has to. You need every spare minute you can get: Eventbrite Boost will help you promote your events pronto.

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