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A Virtual 3-Day Weekend ?

Hello again! If you were wondering why there wasn’t an email from me yesterday, it was due to the holiday weekend. I took the day off because frankly, I just needed to give my brain a break. Plus I didn’t want to subject myself to all the Out of Office replies I was bound to get if I sent out a letter to all you lovely subscribers. (I hope you all got to enjoy a day off too!)

It’s getting more challenging to write these intros because I feel like at the moment, we are all on different pages regarding the current Covid-19 situation. Here in Phoenix, things are getting back to (dare I say) normal.

Trust me, I am not fully submerging myself into crazy situations like going to packed restaurants or bars, but I am dipping my toe in the water. This past Friday, I filmed an episode of Whiteboard Wednesday with Will (to be released soon!) and it felt like the good ole days. We, of course, wore masks. But it reminded me of a time before social distancing.

On Saturday, I helped a friend move across town, and something about loading some boxes into the back of my truck felt so grounding. His moving into a new place reminded me that life will continue on and there are new beginnings to be had.

However, to my dear readers in New York, these actions would be unimaginable. While my city is opening up little by little every day, their city is still being hit hard by the virus. The Navajo nation here in Arizona is implementing strict curfews to curtail the spread of the virus, while my hometown of Carson City is practically back to normal.

Now, I’m not saying one action is better than another. Open up and get back to normal vs stay closed and slow the spread. I know this subject is currently the cause of some heated debates, but it is interesting to recognize that we are all facing different challenges.

There are so many differences from country to country, city to city, and even person to person. It is important that we fully understand this. When in-person events start to come back, there are going to be people who jump right in and participate – and that’s okay. But there are also going to be people who are not comfortable with attending – and that’s okay too.

We need to empathize which each type of person and provide them with options. We are living in an in-between world right now. And that’s why hybrid events will be the future. We are navigating a vague situation filled with so many unknowns. But in events, we have the power to diversify and meet people where they feel most comfortable.

So yes, start gearing up for live events, but also make sure to include a virtual element for people who are wary of attending in person. If we lead with empathy and realize that everyone is coming to the table with different perspectives, we will be able to reach a whole new level of inclusivity.

And now, The Weekly Soundcheck!

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As you know, Endless releases an extensive list of event trends every year. Since the event world got turned upside down and nothing feels the same anymore, we decided that it was time to update that list for virtual events. Some trends are similar, but you might be surprised by what made the updated list! Stay up to date on the latest virtual event trends of 2020!

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As some of you know, Will recently got a new cat named Wally. While filming Whiteboard Wednesday, Wally and I became fast friends. I think I found a new WBW helper!


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“But don’t get hung up on the technical aspects of the platform.”

Going along nicely with our theme today, Will was quoted in an article about 3 Ways to Engage During Your Next Online Meeting.


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