Even if you’re an event hosting pro, there may still be some Eventbrite features you didn’t realize could help make your job easier — and enhance the experience for your guests. That’s why we asked our Onboarding & Operations team for insider tips on our most overlooked tools. Build your event planning toolkit and get more out of Eventbrite — and our partner services — with these suggestions.

Great tools for mastering the basics

You already know that Eventbrite is loaded with features, offering you all the basic tools to create simple events with ease. But if you’ve never taken a deep dive into the details, you might be missing some great event planning tools. It’s worth taking some time to explore the true capabilities of Eventbrite’s basic settings.

Many event organizers gauge the success of their events with ticket sales. Various features such as marketing toolsdigital tickets, and the Eventbrite Organizer App not only outline your analytics, but they can help you maximize sales and revenue.

According to our team, one of the unsung heroes of the Eventbrite toolkit is the Order Form feature. It allows you to collect information about guests in a concise, readable manner. When used alongside the Reporting and Analytics tools, you can better understand the demographics you’re reaching and take action based on the data you receive.

If you’re ever unsure about how Eventbrite works or want help using a particular feature, Eventbrite Support can help. Find answers to your questions about the Eventbrite refund policy, get help setting up integrations, and troubleshoot any issues with our help articles.

Dynamic event listings

Whether you’re teaching classes or putting on a show, Eventbrite makes your events shine. And now, you can integrate multimedia to sell tickets for your events using dynamic descriptions with the new modular description field. It allows you to create events with embedded visuals and video for higher engagement.

Once you’ve perfected your event listing, you can duplicate it to create multiple listings in record time. Tickets for each listing will go up for sale immediately, maximizing your sales window. This makes recurring events consistent with one another and reduces your setup time.

Flesh out your event listing with add-ons, too. It’s easy to offer additional purchases like merchandise, parking, or VIP features. This can increase your revenue and get guests excited ahead of the event.

Advanced tech integrations

Connecting Eventbrite to popular web platforms and clients is super simple, even if you’re not a techie. If you run a WordPress website, you can easily use an Eventbrite plugin to allow visitors to order tickets without leaving the page. Or, our “Add to Facebook” feature lets you create Facebook pages for events in just moments. Other integrations, with platforms such as PieSync, make your organizing experience more streamlined by syncing ticket and contact information between the services.

We also have integrations with our users’ favorite virtual livestreaming services. If you’re hosting a webinar or other virtual event, you have a lot of options including Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Zoom, Skype, and many other widely-known services. For virtual events, Zoom allows clients to restrict streaming access to those who purchased a ticket, encouraging more ticket sales and fewer piracy concerns.

Leveling up

Eventbrite also makes marketing simple with countless integrations and an open API. Connect Eventbrite to an email marketing client such as Mailchimp so you can create and send automated emails to each of your customers. SurveyMonkey can also be used with Eventbrite to manage post-event customer surveys. For an all-in-one solution to your marketing needs, look no further than Eventbrite Boost.

Generate more business by tapping into the capabilities of each partnering platform. With partners like Entegy and EventBase, you can design your very own event apps to market to customers and provide several interactive features. To help promote your events to more customers, you can get started with the Social Ladder ambassador platform.

The beauty of marketing with Eventbrite is that you’re able to choose the features and integrations you want to use in order to get the results you need. Curious to discover more Eventbrite tools and services? Learn more about managing and promoting your upcoming events by registering for an Eventbrite account today.

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