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We created the ultimate Virtual Events Handbook! With over 60 pages of information and resources, you’ll learn everything you need to know about virtual events.

Another wedding in a pandemic!

Well, everyone, it happened! My sister got married and it was marvelous. It was hard to remember that we were still in a pandemic. My sister did such a good job taking precautions to make sure that people felt comfortable, stayed safe, and had a good time.


While I could go on and on about how great my sister looked and how happy she and her new husband were, I am here to talk about events. From an event planning perspective, my sister did a great job thinking about all the ways people can stay safe.

Each family was given its own table, so they didn’t have to interact with people they hadn’t been quarantining with if they didn’t want to. Hand sanitizer was provided at each table as well as the food and sign-in tables. And personalized masks were provided for guests who forgot their own.

I’m really glad she had the forethought to include all these additional safety measures because having people together in-person was such an important part of this event.

I spoke with my dad, and his perspective was interesting. Weddings are unique because it’s one of the few times were two entire families and all their friends can get together for a happy occasion. Everyone from grandparents to toddlers came together to celebrate such a beautiful part of life.

Some of these moments simply cannot be replicated online. Virtual components definitely have their time and place and can be super beneficial in the events community, but we can never disregard the importance of humans meetings together in-person.

It’s clear to see that everyone is excited to get back to creating these special moments. EIC has released a Meeting & Event Design Guide for the Covid-19 Era. This just goes to show that people are READY. The world is shifting back to in-person events whether we like it or not. Now, we just have to make sure that we make changes to do so safely.

As you continue to plan your hybrid events, take some extra time to decide what elements can be shifted to online and what parts are absolutely vital to keep in-person. And also, make sure you think about all the safety measures that should be included. It’s a hard balance, but we will just have to learn it together.

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? A single resource for everything you need to know about virtual events (9-minute read)

Okay, so this blog post isn’t the FULL guide, but we wanted to give you all a little taste of what you can expect from our brand new handbook on virtual events. I know I sound biased, but this might just be the only virtual event guide you’ll ever need! After months of pushing out educational content about virtual events, our team took it a step further.

We compiled the most important virtual event aspects to consider in a single guide. Throughout the 70 pages, you’ll be able to find information on engagement, sponsorships, entertainment, budgeting, and more. Armed with this virtual event guide, you won’t feel the need to search for anything related to the topic in the near future.

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? Did you know Endless can help produce your next hybrid event? (see what we do)

We have been doing in-person, virtual, and hybrid events for a while now. We are here for you if you need guidance while navigating the world of hybrid events. If you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, we’ve got you.


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It’s the question on everyone’s minds, and the Brew Crew is here to answer – what is a hybrid event? Sure, superficially it might seem easy to understand. But we want to go deeper than just your standard Oxford Dictionary definition. What makes hybrid events great? Why are they so important? And what can planners do to create a successful hybrid experience in a world where these types of events are gaining enormous momentum? All of these and more are answered in this episode all about hybrid events.

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