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Today we are diving into MPI’s World Education Congress. The World Education Congress (WEC) is a gathering where both MPI members and non-members alike come to gain education, network and more. The event has grown to about 2500 attendees and each year MPI is working to raise the bar. They strive to change the way we meet and it’s working!

In 2018 MPI’s World Education Congress had a complete overhaul. The World Education Congress went through the event design canvas process, where all stakeholders needs were considered and the event was completely redesigned to be in line with what their needs were. There was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears that went into the planning and redesigning and it really paid off. The hard work resulted in an even better World Education Congress. No detail was too small, MPI really kept in mind the needs and desires of attendees during overhauling the event. Changes were made to allow attendees more flexibility, open floor concept that allows attendees to choose and customize their experiences, keynotes were called Pep Rallies, and they even had welcoming airport lounges (yes, you read that right!). It’s safe to say the World Education Congress breaks the traditional conference mold and will push the rest of the industry forward.

Joining us today are the iconic Crystal Shipps MPI’s talented Program Manager, and Lori Pugh Marcum MPI’s Manager of Global Education & Event Production. This dynamic team will take you through the stories behind this change. Crystal and Lori will also talk about the changes they made, the feedback they received after making major changes, what they learned during the overhaul process, and well as what the future holds for MPI’s World of Education Congress 2019 in Toronto. Let’s jump in!

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