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Virtual events are using their platforms to speak out against injustice ✊

(Plus some Father’s Day content too!)

One of the posts that I am sharing today is about speakers and the critical role that they play during events. It got me thinking about what exactly makes a great speaker compared to a mediocre one.

I love when presenters are energetic, speak eloquently, and deliver their message with authority. But what really makes me adore them and hang onto every word is when they take the time to connect with the audience on a deeper level.

Yes, how the speaker/host/presenter delivers the message is important. But what’s even more important to me is the message itself. This stood out to me during the ESPYS this weekend when Russell Wilson, Megan Rapinoe, and Sue Bird kicked off the show with a powerful conversation about racial injustice.

For five minutes, they highlighted Black athletes that transcended their sports and fought for equality. It was a beautiful introduction that interwove the importance of athletics bringing people together and the current events happening in our world. It also recognized professional sports as a platform that can spark conversations and evoke lasting change.

It would’ve felt wrong if the Black Lives Matter movement and racial inequality weren’t addressed at all during the ESPYS. This message is important, and I’m glad the producers of this event chose these three athletes to deliver it. It connected the audience and engaged them in a way that was deeper than just watching athletes receive some awards.

In addition to the ESPYS, last night, John Legend hosted a special on ABC called A Bigger Love Father’s Day. This was a clever way to celebrate fathers while still in quarantine.

Some of my loyal readers know about my dad. He has made an appearance in this newsletter a few times and has provided some much needed comedic relief. He is incredibly important to me, and I was kind of bummed that we weren’t able to celebrate him in the usual way this Father’s Day. So the ABC special full of skits and performances was enjoyable to watch.

However, there was a meaningful message featured in this program as well. During one of the performances, John Legend sang his song Never Break while showing various pictures of fathers and their children. What made it such a powerful moment was the addition of pictures/videos of George Floyd and his daughter as well as Trayvon Martin with his dad.

John Legend was the speaker in this case, and he engaged the audience using much more than his undisputed vocal talents. His ability to celebrate dads everywhere and shine a light on the current atrocities happening in the world, all while giving a stunning performance at Griffith Observatory was flawless.

Now I know John himself was not the sole curator of this moment. But the producers of this program purposefully selected each element (the song, the pictures, and the setting) and brought them together to construct a moment that will stick with viewers forever.

These moments are powerful. So beyond selecting great speakers, make sure that the message they deliver to your event’s audience is one that you want to share. As an event planner, you have the ability to create touching moments like these. Make sure you do.

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? Radiant Resources

YouTube created a playlist entitled Continuing the Conversation that includes 16 videos of academics, athletes, and more engaging in discussions about fighting systemic racism.

During the ESPYS, they played a P&G commercial that I had never seen before called The Look. With no words at all, the commercial depicted bias perfectly and even included a call to action to use the hashtag: #TalkAboutBias.


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This Tweet made our whole team laugh so hard:

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Ahh to go back to the days of lanyards and picked-over muffin trays. ?


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