Transparency In The Event Industry

Transparency in the event industry isn’t talked about nearly as much as it should. The issue of transparency is paramount in any business. How else are we expected to generate and cultivate meaningful relationships with clients and vendors alike? This is only possible once we build these relationships based on trust, honesty, and – you guess it – transparency. In a long-term perspective, transparency in the event industry ensures we thrive.

On today’s awesome episode of #EventIcons, we are joined by Event Tech Podcast and Endless Events’ Agent Provocateur and Event Tech Podcast co-host, Brandt Krueger. Together with Will Curran and Brandt, we welcome Jaclyn Bernstein of ACCESS New York Metro, an acknowledged leader in NYC’s hospitality industry, sitting on the Board of NYC & Company / Convention and Visitors Bureau. Among many other honors, Jaclyn won the Spotlight ‘Event Planner of The Year’ and ‘Samaritan Service’ Awards.

The three discuss what transparency in the event industry means. Join Will, Brandt, and Jaclyn as they delve into the best means to reach this transparency, who is creating it, and who it should be directed towards.

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