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We’ve got some exciting news stories in the world of events ?

Extended reality at AED Studios

Some powerhouse European tech companies are teaming up to create extended reality (XR) studios. These studios are designed to elevate film and television production in a way that “perfectly matches the real world with the digital world”. However, event producers are also looking at this advanced technology to take meetings and presentations to the next level.
ADEWhat does this mean for event planners? 

Outside of looking like an insane Black Mirror episode, this technology is actually groundbreaking. If you can dream it, you can do it. These studios will make virtual audiences, fully immersive experiences, and special effects more mainstream in the world of events.


German scientists run concert test to see how coronavirus spreads

It’s our biggest fear as event planners. We help create an event in this uncertain time, only to find out that we contributed to the spread of coronavirus due to our actions.


Well, leave it up to German scientists to figure out exactly how this plays out in the real world. Three experimental concerts took place in Leipzig last weekend that tested different sets of safety measures:

  1.  No safety measures were taken (pre-COVID era behaviors)
  2. Typical COVID-19 health and safety guidelines were followed (masks and attempted social distancing)
  3. Fewer attendees were admitted and strict social distancing was enforced

The results?… We won’t find out until this fall. However, this could lead to important scientific evidence that will help event planners make key decisions about what safety measures to put in place at their events.

Twitch teams up with streamers for ‘Chat’s Choice Awards’

Is it even an edition of the Weekly Soundcheck if I don’t mention something about Twitch??

Twitch is utilizing its newfound virtual event knowledge to put together a revolutionary awards show that will allow different streamers to engage with their audiences. Each chat will be able to vote for the winners of categories such as: “The Savior of Quarantine,” “The Cutest In-Game Moment of the Summer,” and “King of Twitch.”

Although, I’m just over here wondering where the heck the “Queen of Twitch” award is?  ?


Why this is something to look at: The Chat Choice Awards is so unique because the winners will change according to what each chat decides. Event planners should be looking at virtual events like these to see how the layout impacts attendee engagement.

Whew. That was a lot! ? There are so many exciting things happening in the industry. I can’t wait to continue exploring this evolution with you all!

And now, here’s The Weekly Soundcheck!

⭐ We sat down with the master of virtual exhibitor experiences to discuss how to do it better (32-minute podcast)

Event Tech Podcast is back! And I think this episode is really going to speak to a lot of you who might be struggling with the exhibitor/sponsor aspect of your virtual events. During the episode, we welcome Matthew Funge as a guest. Matthew is the Managing Director and co-founder of Your Stand Builder, an award-winning company that “revolutionizes the way companies all around the world prepare for their exhibitions”. This amazing episode discusses where we are now when it comes to virtual exhibitor experiences as well as where we are headed and key pitfalls to avoid.

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✅ Endless Events Team Spotlight!

Endless’ family is getting a little bit bigger and I want to introduce some of our new, amazing teammates to you all!

This week, we are starting off with Jon Griffin!


Jon is our Theoretical Physics Bender. That’s just our silly title for Event Project Manager!

A fun fact about Jon is that he lived in St. Albans (30 minutes outside of London) for 2 months while working on The Making of Harry Potter in Leavesden!

Check out his awesome time-lapse video of the process!


? Silly Scientific Findings

The word on the street was that our new intern is so lazy, he napped through the whole show!


But apparently, he takes offense to that ? Just kidding! We love our emotional support event dogs!


? One Last Thing For Ya!

Will was a guest on Kirsten Nelson’s podcast, TIDE Generator, about an incredibly important topic that should be discussed more in our industry!


Check out the episode entitled So You Want to be Diverse, Now What?


Have a great week!

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