Meeting virtually is incredibly convenient and easy, but it leaves a lot to be desired, such as the absence of the ritual handshake and the reading of body language. Not only do these help communicators connect on a deeper level, but it gives them a better understanding of the verbal and nonverbal landscape—something meeting virtually can’t quite do. As we get back to meeting face-to-face, why not freshen up your understanding about what these communicative behaviors mean?

This is what Jonathan Bradshaw, behavioral science researcher, social skills trainer and coach, wants to help meeting professionals do. Bradshaw is the creator of, a series about the behavioral science behind human interaction. Beginning May 3, Bradshaw will release an episode each Monday of the month that will touch on different behaviors and norms of in-person meetings, such as handshakes, decision-making and negotiation, and will provide insight on how to master them.

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“In business, meeting face-to-face outperforms meetings virtually in so many different areas,” says Bradshaw. “When it comes to negotiation, likeability, building rapport, nonverbal communication and meeting emotions, face-to-face can’t be beat.”


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