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Wedding Dress Shopping In The Middle Of A Pandemic ?

No not me. Oh my goodness. Could you imagine? No, my sister is getting married in July, and our plans to get a wedding dress back in March were understandably rescheduled.

So here we are, a little over a month away from the wedding, and we are on a mission: to find my sister the perfect dress that fits, is in the right budget, and is in store so it doesn’t have to be shipped.

Well, we did it. Mission accomplished. She found the dress and all is right with the world! (If you are curious what the dress looks like, you’ll have to stay tuned and see for yourself in July!)


Our mom and the groom’s mom were able to join us, and we all bonded over a-line dresses and sparkly shoes.

I’m sure no little girl imagines planning her wedding in the middle of a pandemic and having to wear a mask while picking out a dress, but I don’t think my sister complained once.

She was just excited to be surrounded by family and checking this major task off of her to-do list.

This experience was beautiful. Getting to see my sister excitedly try on wedding dresses despite having to wear a mask made me realize how happy you can be in the middle of a riot-riddled pandemic.

I know some people might feel guilty for finding happiness in a time where there is chaos in our world and hatred on the news, but it is okay to see a bright light and hold on to that.

Seeing my sister glowing in her dream dress was that bright light for me. She reminded me that it is still okay to smile and enjoy life even when the actions in the world feel so scary and bleak.

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