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Enjoying all life has to offer right now!

I am so fortunate to be visiting one of my favorite places. The weddings are over, extended family members have gone back home, and I am finally able to let out a big sigh and enjoy some free time. Best of all, I get to spend it in this little slice of heaven.


It’s making me think a lot about my environment. It’s no secret that our surroundings impact mood, productivity, and overall happiness. I was just telling Will how grateful I am to be remote so I can spend some time outdoors. Even though I’ve taken an afternoon or day off here and there, I’ve actually gotten MORE work done.

I challenge everyone to take a break sometime this week. I know I’ve said this in one of my newsletters before (maybe even a couple), but I believe in the positive impact of nature. For all my Arizonans out there, it might be a little tricky to get out in that heat, but even just stopping for a moment to center yourself can be so beneficial.

Reading about Covid-19 every day, worrying about virtual events, and being scared about the future of the industry has been incredibly taxing. It’s a lot. So, rather than throw more information at you in this personalized section, I’d rather you have the choice of reading on in the articles below.

But for now, just take a deep breath in, take care of yourself, and allow yourself a 5-minute break to get centered and ready for the day. Ahh. ?

And now, here’s The Weekly Soundcheck!

? What it takes to produce virtual and hybrid events – from the perspective of a production company (6-minute read)

Maybe you’ve dipped your toe in virtual and hybrid events. But do you want to know what happens on the production side of everything? We were so excited to write this article so we can show you what happens behind the scenes at one of these events! Mariana Fernandes outlines everything from how virtual events have evolved, to figuring out strategy, to the amount of time it takes to pull one of these events off. Read on to get an exclusive look at how we produce virtual events. 

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? Did you know Endless can help produce your next hybrid event? (see what we do)

We have been doing in-person, virtual, and hybrid events for a while now. We are here for you if you need guidance while navigating the world of hybrid events. If you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, we’ve got you.


? Another exciting virtual event to look forward to (37-minute podcast)

I mentioned in my newsletter last week that the Consumer Electronics Show is going completely virtual in 2021! It’s such an exciting transition because it will pave the way for future events going virtual. And the Brew Crew is here to talk about it in way more detail!

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? Events That Crushed The Box!

Okay this one might take the cake: Tomorrowland Around The World

Last weekend, the electronic festival, Tomorrowland, put on a global, virtual event that showcased more than 60 big-name artists.



The Tomorrowland team took pre-recorded sets and created an elaborate virtual festival experience that was streamed around the world by more than 1 million viewers… the kicker? They did it all in just three months!


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