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So we got a dog? ?

A little over a week ago, in the weirdest turn of events ever… my family and I acquired a dog. While that language may sound clinical and emotionless, that’s the only way I can think to describe it. There was not adoption, no intention to end up with a dog, she simply picked us.

My family and I were all working from home like normal, when all of a sudden, my mom exclaimed, “there’s a puppy in our backyard!” Slightly skeptical and worried that quarantine was finally getting to my mom, I got up to verify her wild announcement.

Sure enough, there was a puppy in our backyard that came right up to our sliding glass door. After a few moments of stunned silence, we got to work. My mom took a picture of her and shared it in our neighborhood Facebook group, my dad was attempting to get her some water, and I was busy picking out names.

To make an incredibly long, crazy story short: while my mom sat on the floor and loved the new, cute little creature that came into our home, the owner came forward and explained that she adopted the dog two days ago.

Apparently, this little dog, who I was now calling Chili, was extremely skittish around their other dog at home and was constantly scared. She was rescued from a hoarding situation where she was found living with 27 other dogs and the owner thought she deserved a quiet environment where she could heal from her past trauma.


In case you can’t already see where this is going, the owner offered to let us keep Chili. She said that from her messages back and forth with my mom, she could tell Chili seemed relaxed with us. The owner just wanted Chili to go to a loving home.

We were shocked. We didn’t know if this was weird or incredibly generous. Turns out it was the latter. The owner was so sweet and aware of how crazy the offer sounded, but it felt right to her. It felt right to us as well. This dog traveled about a mile in the 110° Arizona heat, skipped every house along the way, and made her way into our backyard by crawling under our fence. It felt like fate.

So while this story might seem extremely random, it is. But, it also shows that everything this year is unexpected. Right when 2020 was feeling bleak and a little scary, a little furry ball of joy came into our lives.

You never know what each day is going to bring – you just need to make sure that you’re open and ready for whatever comes next.

Kind of a stretch? Haha, a little. Did I mostly just want to show off my little cutie Chili Pepper. Yes. But, I also wanted to share some perspective. While humans are feeling challenged by having to spend the majority of 2020 quarantined inside, dogs are probably thinking that this is the best year ever because their owners are always home to give them some love. ?

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Some of the primary upcoming concerns for event organizers include re-organizing events with the limited timescale, adhering to strict safety guidelines to protect their guests and attendees, and discovering solutions that potentially curb the spread of the virus. Will we adapt to a new way of marketing and communications? Will the old ways of working seem outdated, or will it simply snap back to business as usual? From contactless tech to contingency planning to advanced advertising, Tanishq Agarwal outlines exactly what our post-pandemic event world will entail.

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Over the past three weeks, we have shared various sponsorship ideas for you to ponder. We know this is an incredibly important area of interest for event planners. In this time of financial hardship for the events industry, we want to be the ones to help planners like you think outside the box and recoup some money by implementing these sponsorship opportunities during your next virtual event.

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? Silly Scientific Findings

Americans did it, we flattened the curve.

funny but not

This is one of those things that’s “funny” until you think about it for more than five minutes and suddenly it’s kind of really dark and scary. ? Hehe.


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