You know events better than anyone, so when you flag areas for product improvement, we listen. And when you make feature requests, we get to work.

We recently launched a bunch of exciting products and feature enhancements based on your suggestions. Take a look at the newest ways you can use Eventbrite to grow your events. And get pumped — there’s a whole lot more on the way.

Host better online events with a faster Zoom integration

Online events are here to stay, so we’ve made it 7x faster for you to create and edit Zoom meetings and webinars directly in Eventbrite. Plus, many attendees can now view your Zoom event directly on Eventbrite — making it easier than ever for your attendees to connect to your online events. 

Automate your marketing with Eventbrite Boost, the only marketing platform built specifically for events

Between branding email invites, promoting your events on social media, and managing ticket sales, event marketing can involve a lot of cross-product, cross-platform coordination — some might say too much coordination.

Enter Eventbrite Boost. Now you can create and manage all of your marketing in one place. From running ads on multiple social channels to building email campaigns, and branded landing pages, Boost helps you get your events in front of more people and take your marketing to the next level. 

Stay on top of your event management in the new calendar view

When it comes to creating and coordinating your events, there are A LOT of moving pieces. Our new calendar view lets you see your upcoming events, view and manage event details, and identify opportunities to add to your event programming — all on one calendar. It’s a simple way to stay on top of your endless list of event to-dos.

Live that “work smarter, not harder” life. Save time when setting up multiple events by copying all the ticket setup details from one event to another. It’s that easy. 

Re-market to past attendees with improved email campaigns

Repeat attendees are your best friends. Easily import attendees from previous events and turn them into new email lists for promo emails and event invites. 

Get paid faster with self-service scheduled payouts

Need to cover venue deposits, vendor checks, or other big event costs? Scheduled payouts give you the flexibility to receive money from your ticket sales when you need it. 

Give your attendees credits

Share the love! You can now offer credits to ticket buyers directly through Eventbrite to be redeemed for future events. 

Take credit card payments at the door with PayPal Here 

Up that security. PayPal Here is an easier way for US-based creators to collect credit card payments at the door right from the Eventbrite Organizer app

When you ask, we answer. 

Where would we be without our creators? These product launches were inspired by you — and there’s more coming your way! Try out our new features and let us know what you think.

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