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There’s no guide book for a pandemic…

Another month has arrived, businesses are opening back up, moods are changing, and the pandemic feels way different than it did even two weeks ago.

The panic, the intense camaraderie, and the high levels of emotion haven’t died down necessarily, but they have shifted. Everyone seems to be settling in and getting things done rather than running around and buying up twenty packages of toilet paper for their two-person household (if that was you, no judgment – I’m just glad it’s over.)

We’ve successfully navigated the waters a little bit. We have found our positive coping mechanisms, our stress relievers, and our ways to stay sane… and it only took two long months to figure it out. ?

One of my stress relievers is being outside. Very simple. But it helps me feel better. I was able to get outside this weekend and enjoy a little bit of that beautiful northern Arizonan nature.outside

But this might be your nightmare. Maybe wandering out into the Coconino National Forest would stress you out rather than calm you down. And that’s the problem: there is no guide book for a pandemic!

There isn’t a single set of rules that will promptly make us all magically feel better and ready to tackle whatever challenge comes next. Heck, no one has ever faced these challenges before, so how are we supposed to know what to do?

But that’s why I am increasingly proud of every person that I’ve come in contact with as of late. I feel like people are starting to find out what works for them and are dealing with the daily struggles of this new world we live in (note how I desperately tried to avoid “unprecedented times” and “the new normal” in this paragraph).

Events may never look the same, but we’re making it work! We are slowly figuring it out together and I’m starting to get really excited about the future.

There is a sense of hope. The end is in sight. We just need to stay the course, stay safe, and continue the search to find things that help us through this.

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? You might be having concerns about your virtual event. That’s okay! (12-minute read)

Virtual events are new terrain, so it’s okay to be concerned about the unknown. Is this going to work? Are people over webinars? Is this going to be engaging enough? Is our event secure? We will cover all of these virtual event concerns and shed some light on how to solve these issues.

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?Silly Scientific Findings

For all you Star Wars fans out there, May the Fourth be with you!


The wonderful Stephanie Jayko shared these gems with our team this morning:

… if you thought we were only experts on event-related blog posts, think again!


? Last couple of things for ya!

Are virtual events here to stay or not?

“This situation can be fixed and it will be. It broke the industry to realize that we as event profs have to start thinking smarter and more creatively about how we are going to connect people.”

– Will Curran

Check out Hubilo’s interview with Will on the events industry during & after the coronavirus pandemic.

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