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Best Birthday Weekend?

I am so lucky that last week I got to celebrate my birthday with some pretty amazing people in my life. We went to the beach, got my favorite meal, and played some soccer on the beach.


If you guys are regular readers, you probably already know that I am soft, and I love to get nostalgic every now and then. Birthdays are the perfect time to be both.

I was filled with so much love this weekend and was able to look back on this last year of my life with lots of appreciation. This year has been insane, but I think it would be foolish to assume that every year moving forward isn’t going to be crazy in its own way.

As I keep moving forward this year and in life, I realize that I have been learning so many new things, and I am excited for whatever is coming next.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend as well!

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? We are talking about why platforms alone aren’t the solution for your virtual event (12-min read)

Yes, we are bringing this article back! We are seeing a rise in people contacting us saying that they tried to produce a virtual event but realized they couldn’t do it alone. There are so many moving parts to a virtual event, and we believe that no event planner should go it alone. In this article, Mariana explains what virtual event production companies do and how teaming up with one for your virtual event can be extremely beneficial!

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? Where in the world is Endless?

Some of our Einsteins were able to enjoy some vacation days earlier this month at Mermaid Beach Resort in Bangladesh. Here are some gorgeous photos they shared with us!







Asad, Poroma, and Sahedi are all on the marketing team with me and are easily some of the hardest working people that I know! I am so happy that they got to share a fun, relaxing time together!


Have a spooky week!

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