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How in the world are we halfway done with 2020?

Well, we are officially in the second half of the year, and it’s already getting weirder. While people in the U.S. took a day off last week, life did not:

TikTok is exposed for collecting unnecessary user data and being unsafe with it

For people and businesses turning to TikTok to jump on the latest Gen-Z trend, we might want to rethink that course of action. There are other ways to get in touch with Gen-Z, I promise. Until the social media site decides to tighten up its cybersecurity, I will not be joining in on TikTok dance crazes any time soon.


Sad news in the live entertainment world: Cirque Du Soleil calls it quits after accruing almost $1 billion in debt

What does this mean for events? Well, besides not being able to see an incredible performance each of the 37 times a year you plan a conference in Vegas, it raises alarms for our industry. With a new wave of shutdowns, event planners are worried about what other aspects of in-person gatherings are next on the chopping block.


Kanye decided to join in on this year’s presidential race with Elon’s stamp of approval.

I don’t even know how to begin to weigh in on this. Except that this is an incredibly important election year, and please don’t vote for Kanye.


Oh yeah and just about every American decided to hold their own fireworks show for about four days straight ?

A police department in New Jersey said that they responded to the most firework-related complaints they’ve ever had. This trend seemed to be a common occurrence across the U.S. this year. With most public firework displays being canceled to help stop large amounts of people from gathering, people took it upon themselves to light up the sky. So be warned, even if you cancel an event to help maintain public safety, people will still find a way to be unsafe.


So yep. That’s where we stand going into the second half of 2020. I hope that everyone stays healthy, buckles up, and is ready to join in on this wild ride together.

And now, The Weekly Soundcheck!


? We’re here to help you market your virtual event  (11-minute read)

I am urging all event planners to DOUBLE DOWN on their marketing efforts right now! People are experiencing webinar fatigue, they don’t want any more time in front of the computer than necessary, and they are itching to participate in the world as it opens back up. With your virtual and hybrid events, you’re going to have to compete against more things than ever before. That’s why Mariana Fernandes wrote this article that provides 11 actionable marketing ideas to get people excited for your virtual event.

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?? Only the events that ensure safety will emerge as the winners (37-minute podcast)

We should all be concerned. In some regions of the world, Covid-19 cases are still on the rise, yet life seems to be carrying on anyways. Event planners are itching to get out there and create memorable experiences again, but there is a safe way to proceed. In an extremely topical discussion, the Brew Crew went over all the latest CDC guidelines for in-person events.

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? Silly Scientific Findings


This year was the first year in a long time that I’ve had a dog in the house during the Fourth of July, and I forgot how hard it is for them… and veterans with PTSD… and everyone really.

You know what? I know this is an unpopular opinion, but can we just cancel fireworks? – Sincerely, the Scrooge of Sky Booms


? Got a couple last things for ya!

Will spoke at InfoComm 2020 about How to Create Authentic Connections with Customers During COVID-19!

Joined by Alesia Hendley and Steve Picanza, the trio discussed socially conscious desgin, experience economy, and why focusing just on products won’t work.

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